Dr. Deepak Umakant Patil, BEEN

Deepak Umakant Patil, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Deepak Patil grew up in Ulhasnagar near Mumbai and had an interest in science from childhood. During his schools days he participated in various science exhibitions.

It was while doing his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at V.J.T.I., Mumbai that Deepak was introduced to control systems which was to later become his core specialization for PhD.

His PhD at IIT Bombay revolved around control and computing group in electrical engineering department and the courses he took over there helped him see a connection between fundamental research and electrical engineering. He also got an opportunity to learn mathematics in a formal way in the courses that he took while during his doctoral research.

For his PhD, he worked on a problem of computing time optimal feedback control for linear systems using an algebraic geometric concept of Groebner basis. He also briefly worked with his IIT Bombay colleagues on minimum time consensus computation for multi-agent systems and pursuit evasion games.

After his PhD, he had a brief postdoctoral stint in mathematics department of TU Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern, Germany where he worked on mode observability of Switched Differential Algebraic Equations.

His research interest is in mathematical theory of systems and control, in particular, optimal control theory and differential games. For his future research, he would like to solve control problems arising in cyber-physical systems and would focus on working within a general framework of switched systems and multi-agent systems.

When he is not drowned in his research, Deepak likes to watch sci-fi movies or old Hindi movies. He is especially fond of the movies of Christopher Nolan. He also likes listening to music and is a fan of old Hindi songs and also of a few songs by bands such as Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc.