Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Projects (FIRP)

Second call for FIRP is now open for submission through IRD-IRIS portal
The objective of FIRP is to enhance interdisciplinary and collaborative research interest in the institute. Project proposals are invited from team of two or more faculty members, who would like to forge new interactions, having expertise in different disciplines working in different departments/centers/schools. In some cases, the teams can be from within an academic unit provided the interdisciplinary component can be established. All the participating faculty would have equal stake in the project. It is expected that a faculty member would participate in one project at a time. Further, faculty members who are already working in a group to execute a project are ineligible under this scheme. The interdisciplinary research groups expected to grow in size or merge with other research groups in future and in the process enhance the level of expertise and scope of research in a specific interdisciplinary theme.

It is expected that these interdisciplinary research groups will attract strong support from external funding agencies and catalyze the synergic ‘cross-research activity’ between different faculty members across the institute leading to joint research publications, patents and PhD supervisions. These projects are to be considered as one time grant and the success of these projects will be judged based on the external grants the team is able to generate. In the first call, forty projects are sanctioned out of ninety projects submitted based on the review by the external experts. Six monthly review of the granted projects were successfully conducted on Aug 8, 2017 and the next review is due on 4th week Jan, 2018.

It is proposed that about 30 more projects will be funded in the second phase. Selected project proposals will be given an initial grant of Rs 10 Lakh. Rs 5 lakh will be given as the seed fund for the first year followed by similar fund in the 2nd year. It will be expected that the joint research team will submit at least one research project to a funding agency on the completion of the 1st year. Additional funds covering the teaching assistance of a PhD student for 4 years can also be provided, if required and justified based on the progress of the first year.

Kindly submit FIRP proposals through IRD-IRIS portal by Oct 10.