Hydrogen Powered Three Wheeler


The world's first hydrogen-powered three-wheeler, 'HyAlfa', was launched at the Pragati Maidan on 9th January 2012. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) funded this project to a consortia consisting of IIT Delhi, Mahindra and Air Products (USA). Exhaustive lab tests were carried out on the vehicular engine in the Engines and Unconventional Fuels Lab of Centre for Energy Studies under varying operating conditions. The technical expertise was provided by Prof L.M.Das of Centre for Energy Studies. The test results provided the technical guidelines and thus the existing designs of engines were converted to run on hydrogen. Based on IIT Delhi recommendations, Mahindra had developed hydrogen operated three wheelers for passenger and cargo versions vehicles which were launched at Pragati Maidan during Auto expo 2012, where a hydrogen refueling station has also been set up by Air products. These vehicles are still on road trials in Pragati Maidan after the Auto Expo. Limited field trials in Pragati Maidan show that the hydrogen fueled three wheelers are giving around 85 km per kg of hydrogen consumption.

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Prof L.M.Das

Centre for Energy Studies