IITD students win $6000 grand prize for AI in education

Four students, all from the computer science department of IIT Delhi have bagged $6000 grand prize for their innovation in developing Artificial Intelligence for Education

More than 1,400 students including those from MIT, Oxford, Purdue Universities and professionals from around the world had participated at the AI Hackathon.

Prakhar Gupta, Harsh Arya, Prakhar Agrawal and Mayank Rajoria, all 4th year Computer Science students, have been given the award for making the app ReadEx. The app is an assisted reading application that helps users continuously gauge their understanding of the material. A user can use it just like any other reading application (a pdf reader, a text reader etc.)

OpenEd.ai, a non-profit organization, that works on promoting open-source Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Education had organized a global Artificial Intelligence for Education HackWeek at IIT Delhi from 28 July– 4 August, 2017. The event was organized in partnership with IBM, Google Developer Groups, Omidyar Network, Amazon Web Services, IIT Delhi, Camp K12 and NITI Ayog.

The judging panel consisted of Prof. Alexander Rush (CS prof @ Harvard, head of Harvard NLP), Denny Britz (Stanford, Google Brain, WildML.com), François Chollet (Google ML research, author of Keras.io), Joel Tetreault (NLP expert from Grammary, ex Yahoo! Labs).

Giving details of the app Prakhar Gupta said: “ReadEx is an android reading app that helps in enhancing the user's learning from what he has read while offering an interface that would keep him engaged. It has been developed keeping in mind the problems we have ourselves faced as students.”

The app offers options to search for web content, open files, or scan text images for reading and asks the user questions from the read text in real time via a Chatbot. It also offers content recommendations by pinpointing the concepts in the text and keeping record of previously answered questions through Flashcards to help the user revise and learn from his previously mistakes.

“We are very honored and humbled to have won this hackathon. It has also boosted our confidence and motivated us to work further on this idea for improving the existing features and adding new ones so as to benefit the reader community across the globe and help them to learn better.” informs the team.