Independence Day celebrated at IIT Delhi

Independence Day celebrated at IIT Delhi

Independence Day was celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and fervor at IIT Delhi on Tuesday.

Addressing the gathering institute director Prof V Ramgopal Rao said that 70 years was a momentous occasion. “We are still a young country with a young population. But there are still many issues that needs to be redressed. We need to take bold decisions and implement them. We also need to give equal importance to women. Unless the women of our country are given an equal importance as men things will not change.”

Maintaining that the country had high hopes from the current generation, Prof Rao said that the IIT students were flagbearers and should endeavor to contribute to the society. The alumni, he felt should take the responsibility of giving back to the institute and help it grow and prosper.

Listing the efforts made by IIT Delhi in the last one year for connecting to the society, he said: “We are doing excellent research but somehow the relevance and context is missing. IIT Delhi needs to take a lead in making the research more relevant for the society.”

Among the other initiatives Prof Rao mentioned about the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, the Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Foundation(WEE) , the Joint Advanced Technology Center with DRDO an and the Professor Assisted Learning(PAL) programme and how they were helping the society.

Observing that the institutions were like organs of the country he said: “If the country needs to prosper, the institutions needs to progress. The IITs are the crown jewel and we have a huge responsibility on us.”

After the director’s address, the Seminar Hall, the venue for the programme, resonated with a mellifluous rendition of ‘Vande Mataram..’ by the students.

This was followed by two beautiful and colourful dance presentations by the tiny tots from the schools on the campus.

Registrar IIT Delhi Dr Sandeep Chatterjee read out the resolution for New India 2022. The programme concluded by giving away the Sansathan Awards to the employees.