Industry Day- 2018 :: Interview with Dr. Narendra Chirmule

With over 23 years of experience in Immunology, Dr Narendra Chirmule has held senior leadership positions at Amgen and Merck, in the US, in the departments of Clinical Immunology overseeing drug development in regulated laboratories. He is an expert in the area of immune responses to biologics and vaccines.

Dr Chirmule completed his post-doctoral training at Cornell University Medical College, New York and has teaching and research experience as Assistant Director at the Human Gene Therapy Group of University of Pennsylvania. He is also an academician conducting Biotech educational seminars and has published extensively (more than 100) on the topics of immunogenicity prediction and assessment, predictive toxicology and quality-by-design.

He is one of Speakers for the Industry Day on September 22. In an interview with Dr Vanita Srivastava Dr Chirmule spells out the importance of Industry-Academia collaboration and the measures that should be taken for catalyzing it.

How do you see events like Industry Day forge better Industry-Academic collaborations?


The Industry-Academia-Government-Regulatory interactions are very important for success of Biotechnology in India. A lot of progress has been made in the past three years in establishing strong collaborations. An event of this kind, will further strengthen these ties, and enable wider and deeper interactions, which will result in innovation.


What in your opinion, should be the roadmap for better Industry –Academia linkage for CSR initiatives and technology interventions? What are the major challenges and how can they be overcome?


While progress has been made, there is always room for improvement. Some thoughts for adding to the road-map are:
-Having quarterly scientific meetings on specific subjects on Biotechnology.
-A mentoring program both at the institution level (with scientific advisors) and individuals (for professors and students alike).
-An award process for recognizing significant accomplishments in the field