R.C Aircraft Models Exhibition at IIT Delhi

Aeromodelling Club organized an exhibition of R.C aircraft models and independent projects like VTOL and Quad-Copter at LHC on August 8. The models on display were designed and fabricated by current sophomores of the club.

The exhibition’s aim was to give an opportunity for freshmen to know more about the club and the kind of activities being done in the club.

The Project Instructor Assistant Prof. Amit Gupta and Faculty In-charge Associate Prof. Supreet Singh Bahga paid a visit during the exhibition and evaluated the projects of the individual student groups to decide whether or not the design credits should be awarded.

There were around 8 RC air-crafts, a Quadcopter, a Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft and a Helicopter. The latter are the independent projects of students in the club.

The exhibition was a huge success as hundreds of students visited to gather information about the models.