Realizing Nanoscale Tunnel Field Effect Transistors without Impurity Doping for Electronics on Glass-Substrates


In this work, Prof. M. Jagadesh Kumar and Sindhu Janardhanan of IIT Delhi report for the first time a detailed study on the doping-less TFET on intrinsic silicon film using the charge plasma concept. A possible realization of TFETs without a high temperature budget on silicon-on-glass substrates not only makes them suitable for electronics such as displays but also leads to bio- and opto-compatibility. Details on this device are available in our paper �Doping-less Tunnel Field Effect Transistor: Design and Investigation", IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices, Vol.60, pp.3285 - 3290, October 2013.

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Prof. M. Jagadesh Kumar

Department of Electrical Engineering