Startup@IITD :: Sanitation for Women

Archit Agarwal got the idea for his startup when he was working on his project in his first year of his studies. The project was focused on compilation of a report on the condition of public washrooms in Delhi.

During the course of compiling his project report, Archit realized the problems that women had to silently face because of unhygienic toilet seats, making them prone to infections, moreover his findings were supported by WHO, that one in two women suffers from the urinary tract infections at least once in their lifetime.

This was when the contours of his startup company Sanfe—Sanitation For Female—was mapped and he joined hands with his colleague Harry Sehrawat to plunge into entrepreneurship. Harry was working on the automatic toilet cleansing machines. They both decided to start the venture aiming to improve the life of women.

“While doing the surveys I realized the problems, the women, especially the pregnant women faced. This was when I thought on making a product which allows a women to stand and urinate. There had to be some methodology to avoid contact with the toilet seats in public washrooms. We started with a simple funnel design and gave it some women for trials,” Archit said.

After taking feedback and improvisation, the prototype went through 23 iterations in design. The final product had special features including a one-handed grip specifically designed for those who wore sarees and suits. The product accommodates all the splashed in the urethra and is built of material that is waterproof and biodegradable.

They have set up a manufacturing line, which is capable of production upto 10,00,000 pieces a day, with that level of production capacity they aim to target the market in Delhi and NCR with few months.

As many 10,000 pieces have been sold since it was launched last month.

On the future plans, he said the aim was to make the product pocket sized and flushable. They also plan to scale up the production in Delhi-NCR region. The online product will be soon marketed.