Technology Day: IIT Delhi innovators bag National Award for nasal filters

A team of IIT Delhi researchers was awarded the Startups National Award 2017 by the Technology Development Board for creating a promising new technology to protect against air pollutants and minimize the risk of respiratory diseases.

The team includes the faculty members Prof Manjeet Jassal and Prof Ashwini K. Agrawal besides alumni Sanjeev Jain, Prateek Sharma, Tushar Vyas and a student Jatin Kewlani. The device—‘Nasofilters’ a Nano-respiratory filter that is ready for commercialization and can protect against the finest particulate pollutants in the air.

The award was given by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee at a function organised to celebrate the Technology Day on May 11, 2017 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. Union Minister of Science & Technology & Earth Sciences Dr Harsh Vardhan was the Guest of Honour.

To protect the health of millions, the team has developed an incredible filter technology to save people from the harmful effect of air pollution especially keeping in mind PM2.5 concentration.

Explaining the technology Prof. Agrawal said that this involved assembling millions of small sized pores to create a thin flexible membrane, which could capture very small particles with high efficiency. “This allows filters to be used for long hours while maintaining good breathability and comfort. The filters aim to provide relief to common users from air pollution and to protect people, who are prone to allergies, and safeguard those, who are exposed to job related industrial particulate pollutants.”

These filters can stick to user's nasal orifice and would restrict entry of foreign particulate matter including PM2.5 particles, bacteria and pollen allergens.

The filters will soon be available in Indian and global markets under the brand name "Nasofilters" by "Nanoclean Global Pvt Ltd" a company formed by these innovators.