Uchhatar Avishkar Yojana: Plasmonics-based Highly Sensitive Gas Sensing System

A team of researchers from IIT Delhi along with Radix ElectrosystemsPvt Ltd aim to jointly develop a highly sensitive gas sensing system, which is based on plasmonics-based detection of gases with high sensitivity and low false-positives.

The plasmonics-based gas sensors and sensor systems developed in this project for the detection of gases such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide can be employed in factories for real-time monitoring of emissions from the factories. Moreover, these sensors can be employed for real-time monitoring of these gas emissions in buildings and on roads in a city. The plasmonics-based hydrogen sensors developed in this project can be employed for sensitive detection of hydrogen gas leaks in hydrogen-powered vehicles and in industries where hydrogen is employed as an energy source.

The gas sensing system will be based on plasmonic sensor chips that would be fabricated at IIT Delhi. The gas sensor chips will be integrated into a sensing system which will consist of an optical detection system, a gas sensing chamber, and mass flow controllers to control the flow of gases into the sensing system. The teams of researchers and engineers from both IIT Delhi and Radix Electrosystems Pvt Ltd will work jointly to develop these sensors and sensor systems.

The deliverables of this project are the development of highly sensitive gas sensors as well as a gas sensing system that will be able to simultaneously detect multiple gases. Gas sensors with different sensitivity levels - high sensitivity, medium sensitivity, and low sensitivity will be developed. The industry partner (Radix Electrosystems Pvt. Ltd.) has shown a lot of interest in this project and is investing Rs. 150 lakh (in kind and cash) into this project. The total funding for this project is Rs. 598.5 lakh, out of which the ministry of human resource development (MHRD) is contributing Rs. 448.5 lakh. This project will encourage collaboration between the industry and the academia to develop products indigenously that are of importance to both the industry partner and the academic partner. Development of these sensors and sensor systems indigenously can not only result in lower costs of these devices but also eliminate the dependence on foreign suppliers and manufactures of these devices.

According to the PI of this project Dr. Anuj Dhawan, “This project involves coordinated R&D between academia (IIT Delhi) and the industry (Radix Electrosystems Pvt. Ltd.) to develop gas sensors and sensor systems that could possibly be commercialized after the successful completion of this project.” The Team consists of Dr. Anuj Dhawan (IIT Delhi), Sameer Shah (Radix Electrosystems Pvt. Ltd.), Shailender Thakur (Radix Electrosystems Pvt. Ltd.), 4 Ph.D. students at IIT Delhi, and 6 Engineers at Radix Electrosystems Pvt. Ltd.