PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
PARUL SRIVASTAVA Centre for Atmospheric Science Modulation of Aerosol Radiative Forcing over Delhi NCR by Mixing State and Particle Morphology 20/02/2017
NAVDEEP KUMAR Department of Textile Technology Studies on biodegradable nonwovens and biocomposites prepared from nettle and poly(lactic acid) fibers 17/02/2017
ANIMESH LAHA Department of Textile Technology Development and impact performance analysis of shear thickening fluid treated 2D and 3D fabric structures 17/02/2017
PANKAJ UTTAMRAO ZINE Department of Mechanical Engineering A holistic framework for flexible service system design for machine tools 16/02/2017
RIMIKA MADAN(NEE KAPOOR) Centre for Rural Development & Technology Development of Methane Loss Minimization & Carbon Dioxide Recovery Systems in Water Scrubbing Based Biogas Upgrading 15/02/2017
GOPALAKRISHNA ACHARYA Centre for Energy Studies Experimental Investigation on Impact of Soot on Performance of Lubricating Oil in Compression Ignition Engines 13/02/2017
BHAGWAT SINGH SHISHODIA Department of Applied Mechanics Design and Optimization of Air Ventilation System for Improved Heat Transfer Characteristics in Helmets 10/02/2017
SUNMEET SINGH Centre for Energy Studies Utilization of methane in a compression ignition engine under dual fuel mode 10/02/2017
MANISH KANDPAL School of Biological Sciences The role of defective hepatitis B virus in wild-type hepatitis B virus replication 06/02/2017
SANDEEP SINGH Department of Applied Mechanics Multiscale Modelling of Graphene Sheets and Carbon Nanotubes 03/02/2017
PRINCE SHARMA Department of Applied Mechanics Ballistic Impact Behaviour of Aluminium Alloy AA2014-T652 Subjected to Rigid and Deformable Projectiles 03/02/2017
SUMIT MURAB Centre for Biomedical Engineering Use of Tissue Engineering Strategies for the Development of in vitro Disease Models and Regeneration 31/01/2017
SEEMA KUSHWAHA Department of Mathematics A Study of Continued Fractions Arising from Subgraphs of the Farey Graph 30/01/2017
SAUMYA BAJAJ (NEE VERMA) School of Biological Sciences Studies on membrane penetration and heterologous packaging ability of a non-enveloped insect virus, Flock House Virus 24/01/2017
ADITI KAPOOR School of Information Technology Saliency Detection in Images and Videos 20/01/2017
DUSHYANT KUMAR GARG School of Biological Sciences Experimental verification of amyloidogenic behavior of model proteins their mutants and peptides 18/01/2017
ELDHOSE PETER Department of Computer Science & Engineering POWER EFFICIENT ON-CHIP OPTICAL INTERCONNECTS 16/01/2017
YADVIR SINGH School of Biological Sciences Understanding the significance of PE and PE-PGRS family in infection biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 11/01/2017
SAKSHI KOHLI School of Biological Sciences Understanding the role of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE proteins in bacterial virulence 11/01/2017