PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
SANTOSH SHARAD KOLTE Department of Civil Engineering Development of a Granular Media Based Solid-Liquid Separation Technique for Aerobic Biological Wastewater Treatment 17/02/2015
NAVNEET ARORA Centre for Energy Studies Characterization of the plasma in a Large Volume Plasma System produced by Compact Electron Cyclotron Resonance Sources 16/02/2015
KASTURI SAHA Department of Textile Technology Polyurethane/Clay based Nanocomposite Films and Nanofibres for Topical Drug Delivery Application 16/02/2015
SANJEEV KUMAR Centre for Rural Development & Technology Biomethane from algal biomass: Feasibility enhancement through pretreatment, codigestion and coupling with wastewater treatment 16/02/2015
KANDYA ANURAG ASHOK Centre for Atmospheric Science Characterization of Urban Heat Islands over Megacity Delhi and Simulating its Effect on Building Energy Consumption with Mitigation Strategies 13/02/2015
ADITYA KUMAR PADHI School of Biological Sciences Investigating the Functional Loss Mechanisms of Angiogenin Mutations in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis through Computational Prediction and Experimental Validation 12/02/2015
SATYA PAL SINGH Department of Applied Mechanics Evaluation of mechanical properties of heater tube materials of refineries at various temperatures using miniature sample testing approach 09/02/2015
VIRANCHI CHUDAMANIBHAI PANDYA Centre for Instrument Design & Development High Efficiency Solar Microinverters with Isolated Output 06/02/2015
NEHA NAGPAL Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Regulatory and functional dissection of miR-191 in breast cancer 02/02/2015
KAMAL NAYAN SHARMA Department of Chemistry Chalcogenated N-Heterocycles Based Ligands in Catalytic Activation and Nanoparticles Synthesis 28/01/2015
HARSHVARDHAN SARASWAT Department of Textile Technology Tensile Mechanics of Regular Braided Structures 28/01/2015
ANINDITA MAJUMDAR Humanities & Social Sciences Kinship and Relatedness in Commercial Gestational Surrogacy in India 12/01/2015
GANESH PRABHU. V Centre for Rural Development & Technology Scientific Analysis of Select Medicinal Plants from an Ayurvedic Perspective 12/01/2015
ADITYA SHARMA Department of Chemistry Quantum Dots Based Biosensors for Cancer Detection 07/01/2015
DHEERAJ KUMAR Department of Chemistry Chemistry of alkenyl, alkynyl and chiral oxazolinyl derivatives of cyclophosphazenes 05/01/2015
B. SHARAT CHANDRA VERMA School of Information Technology Architecture Exploration of Fpga Based Accelerators for Bioinformatics Applications 01/01/2015
PANKAJ PRIYA Department of Management Studies Purchase Behaviour for Store Brands in India: A Study of Processed and Packaged Food Category 26/12/2014
CHANDU SHANKARRAO MADANKAR Centre for Rural Development & Technology Development of Green Process for the Production of Bio-Lubricants from Castor Oil 26/12/2014
GOUTAM MUKHERJEE Department of Chemistry Accelerating Lead Molecule Discovery for Protein Targets via Sanjeevini Server 22/12/2014
AJAY KUMAR Department of Textile Technology Influence of structural characteristics of woolen yarn on performance properties of handloom carpet 18/12/2014