PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
DHIRENDRA SINGH Department of Textile Technology Electrospinning of Nanofibres and their Scale-up for Filtration Applications 08/03/2016
NAVNEET KUMAR Department of Civil Engineering Experimental Investigations and Cfd Modeling of Hydraulic Conveying Through Pipeline 07/03/2016
Mohita Upadhyay School of Biological Sciences Dinucleotide frequencies in DNA virus genomes: implications in virus evolution 04/03/2016
ANJALI JAIN Humanities & Social Sciences Adaptive and Maladaptive Schema: Construction of a Psychological tool 04/03/2016
Sanjay Kumar Swami Centre for Energy Studies Synthesis and characterization of earth abundant and low cost materials for solar cells application 29/02/2016
CHANDAN SHARMA Centre for Energy Studies Techno-economics of Solar Thermal Power Generation in India 26/02/2016
BHAGAWAN BEHERA Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Metal Oxides and Their Integration in MEMS Technology for Gas Sensing Applications 24/02/2016
MS. SHARBARI BANERJEE Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Performance Improvement Techniques for Wireless Underwater Acoustic Link in a Multipath Impulsive Noise Channel 24/02/2016
BENU MONGA Department of Chemistry Use of highly active and /or reusable biocatalyst designs for biotransformations 19/02/2016
DEEPTI JOSHI Department of Physics Laser-Assisted Synthesis of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles and Spectroscopic Study of Their Interaction With Protein 17/02/2016
AMITA ARORA School of Biological Sciences Role of SIRT2 in regulating insulin signaling and insulin resistance in skeletal muscle, adipocytes and neuronal cells in vitro. 09/02/2016
UMANG SONI Department of Mechanical Engineering Analysis of Resilience Index in Supply Chain 08/02/2016
NEHETE DIPAK VISHWANATH Department of Mechanical Engineering Finite element model updating of vibro-acoustic cavities 05/02/2016
SHANTANU VIJAY LALE Centre for Biomedical Engineering Development of Stimuli Responsive Polymeric Nanosystems for Cancer Therapeutics 04/02/2016
JOGENDER SINGH Department of Chemical Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer Studies in a Novel Device Coiled Flow Inverter 04/02/2016
M.P. RAMNAVAS Department of Civil Engineering Development of Computational Techniques for Service Load Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures 29/01/2016
GIRISH KUMAR ITMMEC Availability analysis of mechanical systems with dependencies and select maintenance policies. 28/01/2016
ANIL KUMAR Department of Chemical Engineering Arrangement of liquid crystals near surfaces 27/01/2016
WARE NILESH RAMBHAU Department of Management Studies Select Studies in Analytical Modeling of Supplier Evaluation and Selection 27/01/2016
MOHAMMAD ASHHAR IQBAL KHAN Department of Chemistry SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE 1 (SOD1) and its mutants: study of their aggregation propensity under physiologically relevant conditions 27/01/2016