PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
DIPTIMAYEE NAYAK Humanities & Social Sciences National Parks: Landscapes of Justice or Landscapes of Dispossession? E/Valuating Bhitarkanika National Park 29/12/2015
M.K.LOGANATHAN ITMMEC Reliability and availability studies of automotive manufacturing systems with consideration of structure and maintenance cost 21/12/2015
RAJESWARI D Department of Computer Science & Engineering Novel Architectures and Synthesis Methods for Quantum-dot Cellular Automata 16/12/2015
ANUJ GROVER Department of Electrical Engineering Ultra-Wide Voltage Range Srams Challenges And Design Of Sram With Operating Range Of 0.35v-1.20v 15/12/2015
PATEL DILIPKUMAR ARVINDKUMAR Department of Civil Engineering Estimating the Number of Fatal Accidents and Investigating the Determinants of Safety Performance in Indian Construction 14/12/2015
SWATI NARULA Department of Electrical Engineering Design, Modeling and Implementation of Improved Power Quality Switched Mode Power Supplies For Arc Welding Applications 09/12/2015
PIYUSH SHAKYA Department of Mechanical Engineering Data fusion based diagnosis and prognosis of ball bearings 04/12/2015
MANISH VERMA Department of Physics Coherence, Polarization and scattering studies of optical fields and their applications 27/11/2015
SUMIT SAKHUJA Department of Mechanical Engineering Analysis of Forecasting, Outsourcing and Social Network Issues in Service Supply Chains 27/11/2015
SUDEEP U ITMMEC Tribological and Dynamics Studies of Lubricated Rolling/Sliding Textured Point Contacts 23/11/2015
HARIHARAN S Department of Mechanical Engineering Methodology for Design of Vehicle Front of an Urban Car for Safety of Vulnerable Road Users 17/11/2015
LIJESH KOOTTA PARAMBIL Department of Mechanical Engineering Design and Development of Magnetic-Hydrodynamic Hybrid Journal Bearing 13/11/2015
MITHILESH KUMAR JHA Department of Electrical Engineering Some Studies in Parametric Video and Image Compression 30/10/2015
NIVEDITA YADAV School of Information Technology Computer Aided Analysis of Handwritten Devanagari Documents for Forensic Applications 23/10/2015
PARMILA DEVI Department of Chemical Engineering Treatment of Phenolic Industrial Effluent using Biochar Generated from Pulp and Paper Mill Sludge 15/10/2015
SANCHITA SRIVASTAVA Humanities & Social Sciences Exploring the experience of stigma in three sexual minorities in India 15/10/2015
DIVAKAR PATHAK Department of Physics In-medium properties of hadrons in a chiral effective model 14/10/2015
PANKAJ TOMAR Department of Applied Mechanics Thermal Analysis for Minimum Film Thickness and Friction Stress in Cold Extrusions of Metals 13/10/2015
MYTHILI TUMMALAPALLI Department of Textile Technology Development of Pectin Based Gels for Wound care 13/10/2015
MEENAL ASIJA Department of Chemistry Synthesis Characterization and Reactivity of Diorganotin(Iv) Coordination Polymers Derived from Phosphite Phosphonate Esters 13/10/2015