PhD research

Research title Abstract
Functional cyclotetrasiloxanes as scaffolds for gold nanoparticles and their application in catalysis View/Download
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Liquid Flows in Microchannels View/Download
Organochalcogen Tailored Nanoparticles and Metal Complexes in Catalysis of Organic Reactions View/Download
Organochalcogen Tailored Nanoparticles and Metal Complexes in Catalysis of Organic Reactions View/Download
Ecologically Sound Fire Retardancy Protocols for Round Natural Bamboo Dendrocalamus Strictus View/Download
Indian Summer Monsoon Circulation and Precipitation in the Warming Atmosphere View/Download
Design & Analysis of Low Velocity Impact on Injection Molded Microcellular Thermoplastic Hip Protection Pads View/Download
Size Effects on Formability of Very Thin Sheets View/Download
CMOS Compatible MEMS Structures for Pressure Sensing Applications View/Download
Design of energy efficient embedded controlled sensor networks View/Download
Memory Hierarchy Partitioning and Data Mapping Techniques for Scratch Pad based Architectures View/Download
Using Computer Simulations to Understand the Role of Water as a Solvent in Biomolecular Systems View/Download
Energy Conservation Studies In Buildings Through Day Lighting And Natural Ventilation For Space Conditioning View/Download
Design and Development of Voltage and Frequency Controllers for Single Phase Self Excited Induction Generators View/Download
Performance of Spectrum Sharing Protocols in Cellular Networks View/Download
Modification of Ni-Ysz Based Anode in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell to Improve Performance Under Redox Cycles View/Download
Nanoencapsulation of n-Octadecane using RAFT Miniemulsin Polymerization View/Download
A Study of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems Dealing with Domestic Violence in Delhi and Darjeeling: A Restorative Justice Perspective View/Download
Analysis, Design and Implementation of Improved Power Quality Converters Fed Adjustable Speed Induction Motor Drives View/Download
Synthesis and Reactions of Some Organic Compounds Containing a Trichloromethyl Group View/Download
Synthesis of N-heterocycle based conjugated materials for potential electronic applications View/Download
Relay Coordination In Distribution Systems With And Without Distributed Energy Resources View/Download
Advances in Forecasting Techniques in Deregulated Power Market View/Download
In Situ Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment of Textiles for Enhanced Properties. View/Download
Analysis, Design and Control of Solar Photo-Voltaic Energy Integration for a Smart Grid Distribution System View/Download