PhD research

Research title Abstract
Robust Region Reaching and Tracking Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle View/Download
Monitoring And Risk Assessment Of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) In A Stretch Of River Ganges View/Download
Digital holographic interferometry for the measurement of temperature profile, heat dissipation and contouring View/Download
Structure-function relation and chaperone assisted folding of Maltodextrin glucosidase: A structural biology and protein engineering approach View/Download
Concentration And Removal Of Arsenic Using Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (Srb) View/Download
Investigations On Regeneration Of Liquid Desiccants Using Solar Energy View/Download
Synthesis, Characterization and the Catalytic Activity of New Covalent Metalloporphyrin Frameworks View/Download
Modelling the Physico-Biological Processes of Eastern Arabian Sea View/Download
Dynamical Downscaling For Wintertime Seasonal Prediction Of Precipitation Over Northwest India View/Download
Analysis and Design of Permanent Magnet Generators and Doubly Fed Induction Generators for Renewable Energy Applications View/Download
Flow Characteristics Of High Concentration Fly Ash Slurries Through Pipelines View/Download
A Phenomenology of Politics: Primacy of Experience in Thinking, Willing, and Judging in Hannah Arendt's Political Thought. View/Download
Performance Improvements In Free Space Optical Links With Application To High Altitude Platform Communication System View/Download
Fabrication, characterization and tribological studies on aluminum based hybrid metal matrix composites View/Download
Circuits and systems for sub-micro watt energy harvesting View/Download
Pamuk's Istanbul: Everyday Architecture View/Download
Organochalcogen Ligated/Stabilized Palladium and Ruthenium Species: Catalysts for Organic Reactions View/Download
ZnO Nanostructure Reinforced Composite Fibers View/Download
Hazard Rating of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Dumps Considering Potential for Contamination of Air, Surface Water and Ground Water View/Download
Studies on catalytic decomposition of hydrogen iodide for hydrogen production in thermochemical sulphur - iodine (SI) cycle. View/Download
Near Field Simulation of PM10 Dispersion in open pit mines View/Download
Carbon Nano-tube Engendered Polymer Organization View/Download
Aeroacoustics of Vibrating Structure in Flow View/Download
Characterization And Suppression Of IR Signatures Emitted By Hot Exhaust Plume Using Water Mist View/Download