PhD research

Research title Abstract
Some Studies on Signal Matched Filter Banks View/Download
Design of Application Specific Microstructured Optical Fibers for Mid-IR Photonics View/Download
Treatability Study of the Industrial Effluent by Advanced Oxidation Processes View/Download
Fabric Engineering for Ultraviolet Radiation Protection View/Download
Studies On Utilization of Diethyl Ether Blends With Biodiesel Ina Ci Engine View/Download
Improved biodesulfurization of persistent organosulfur compounds View/Download
India's Integration in Global Value Chains: Case Study of Machinery and Textile & Clothing Industries View/Download
Growth and Characterization of ?-Ga2O3 Nanostructures using CVD Technique for Applications in Nanodevices View/Download
Rekonf: Dynamically Reconfigurable Multicore Architecture View/Download
Cell penetrating peptides: mechanism of uptake and applications in human theragnostics View/Download
Productivity and Efficiency Analysis of Indian Aviation Industry View/Download
Study of Essential Oil Distillation Unit -Case Study For Mentha Crop View/Download
Preparation and characterization of medium pore molecular sieves for n-Hexadecane isomerization View/Download
Characteristics of Microstructured Optical Fibers using An Analytical Field Model View/Download
Low-valent Chemistry of Group 14 Elements Studied using Bulky Aminotroponiminate Ligands View/Download
Functional Hairy Core-Shell Nanofibers via Block Copolymer Self-Assembly View/Download
Development of downdraft gasifier cookstoves for domestic application View/Download
Modeling and Simulation of Renewable Energy Sources View/Download
Engineering of laccase of Cyathus bulleri for decolorization of complex textile dyes View/Download
Computer-Aided Early Detection of Parkinson's Disease through Multimodal Data Analysis View/Download
Some Studies on Performance improvement of machining of Ti-6Al-4V using PVD TiAlN coated inserts View/Download
Application Mapping onto Reconfigurable Coarse-Grained Arrays View/Download
Novel Bile Acid And Dipyrromethane Based Receptors For Ion And Flavin Recognition View/Download
Optical Interferometric and Spectroscopic Studies of Flexible Pet Substrate and its Applications View/Download