PhD research

Research title Abstract
Transport, magnetic and galvanomagnetic studies on grown 3D topological insulators (single crystals) of Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te2Se families View/Download
Adaptive and intelligent relaying schemes for power transmission networks View/Download
Feature Selection in High Dimensions With Applications in Bio-Informatics View/Download
Study of electromagnetic waves on a structured perfect electric conductor (PEC) surface View/Download
Framework for Forecasting Design Possibilities View/Download
Optimisation of Nutrient Recovery Process from Human Urine "An Ecosan Approach" View/Download
Erection of Interesting Geospatial Regions in the Context of On-The-Spot Learning View/Download
Fabrication and Characterization of Surfactant free Metal Chalcogenides (PbS and SnS)for Photovoltaic Applications View/Download
Explaining Sustainability of Shimla City: Developing Environmental & Socio-Economic Indices View/Download
Some Studies on Symmetric and Asymmetric Fso Cooperative Systems View/Download
Ferrite Based RF Components Using Ltcc Technology View/Download
Sculpturing corneal constructs using micropatterned surfaces and decellularized cornea View/Download
Algorithmic Aspects of Domination and Its Variations View/Download
Green House Gas Emissions and Carbon Flux From Hydropower Reservoirs in India View/Download
Source Apportionment of Particulate Matter Pollution Around A Pit Head Thermal Power Station View/Download
Theory and Applications of Non-Blocking Slot Schedulers View/Download
Vibration Analysis and Feature Extraction of Ball Bearings with Local Defect View/Download
Development of Scoring Functions for Predicting Protein Structures and Functions View/Download
Hydrothermal Conversion of Biomass to Biofuel and its Catalytic Upgradation View/Download
Experimental Investigation on Utilization of Hydrogen in a Compression Ignition Engine under Dual Fuel Mode View/Download
Production of Monoglycerides from Glycerol Obtained from Biodiesel Processing View/Download
Investigation On The Enhancement Of Raman Signal And Fluorescent Organic Materials For Explosives Detection View/Download
Investigations on the catalytic decomposition of sulfuric acid in the S-I process for hydrogen production View/Download
A Computational Study of Turbulent Buoyant Flows Using RANS Modelling, PANS Approach and LES View/Download