PhD research

Research title Abstract
Designing of Perfusion System for Mammalian Cell Culture View/Download
Extractive Text Summarization using Random Indexing View/Download
Some Studies on Augmented Paper Systems View/Download
Integrated Irrigation Management Model for Deficit Irrigation View/Download
Effectiveness of Mergers and Acquisitions: A Study of Corporate Enterprises From Indian Auto-Ancillary, IT and Pharmaceutical Sectors View/Download
Fusion of Multimodal Biometrics View/Download
Jet Impingement Cooling of a Circular Cylinder View/Download
Corrosion Assessment in Rebars of RC Structures Using Equivalent Parameters Extracted from Piezo-Patches View/Download
Complexes of Metallic and Organometallic Half Sandwich Species with Organochalcogen Ligands and Catalytic Organic Reactions View/Download
Design of Smart Controllers for Active Distribution Systems View/Download
Processing and Properties Polypropylene Clay Nanocomposite Blown Films View/Download
Synthesis and Study of Structural, optical and gas sensing properties of undoped and doped tin oxide (SnO2) nanostructures View/Download
Multirate Functional Observer Design and its Control Applications View/Download
Geophysical Flow Simulations with Geodesic Hexagonal Meshes View/Download
Building a Model of Strategy Execution Excellence: A Study of Select Firms in Infrastructure Sector View/Download
The Uniform, Fine and Graph Topologies on Spaces of Continuous Functions View/Download
Plasmonic Properties of Aluminium Nanostructures View/Download
Approximation of p-structure, nonlocal Kirchhoff and MHD problems using weighted extended B-Spline based FEM. View/Download
Finite Element Model Updating of Damped Structures using Frequency Response Data View/Download
Dynamic supply chain formation with multi-dimensional utilities View/Download
Stainless Steel Cladding By Advanced Submerged Arc Welding Process View/Download
Development of Copper-Ceria Based Anodes For Direct Methane and Butane Solid Oxide Fuel Cells View/Download
Fast Adaptive Meshfree Wavelet based Methods for numerical solutions of PDEs and Integral equations View/Download
An Investigation on Various Aspects of Application of Generalized Impedance Controller for Voltage and Frequency Regulation of Self-Excited Induction Generator View/Download
Impact of Assimilation of Surface Observations on Indian Weather Simulation Using a Mesoscale Model View/Download