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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
4346 Gas Chromatograph Purchase 30/05/2014 15/05/2014 View
4377 Name of work..(I) Construction of new office space for sport officer and wooden flooring for squash court at R.C.A in west campus IIT Delhi. (II) Construction of a shed behind the mess for garbage collection unit at Satpura Hostel west campus at IIT 30/05/2014 19/05/2014 View
4349 Procurement of 1x28 watt T.5 fitting /14 watt tube rod/18 watt CFL tube. 30/05/2014 16/05/2014 View
4350 Procurement of Tube light 36 watt. / DP MCB 63 Amp Ignitor 70w /150w 250w. 30/05/2014 16/05/2014 View
4406 Providing and fixing Wall Mounted fans at first floor in Central Library at IIT Delhi. 30/05/2014 27/05/2014 View
4411 A.R and M.O. E.I. in fans in academic area i/c street light and arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head:- Replacement of wiring in I.121 and VI. 205 in academic area at IIT Delhi. 30/05/2014 28/05/2014 View
4326 Workstation 29/05/2014 07/05/2014 View
4339 Renovation work in Academic Area at IIT Delhi for 2014 15. Sub Head I Making of R.C.C platform and wooden cupboard in Block V404 lab of civil Engineering Department in Academic area at IIT Delhi 27/05/2014 13/05/2014 View
4340 Construction of Temporary Rooms (Porta Cabins) for officers of Works Department Staff in nursery near Main Gate at IIT Delhi 26/05/2014 13/05/2014 View
4381 N/Work..AR and MO E.I and fans i/c street light arrangement in residential area at IIT Delhi. SH..Rewinding / repairing of ceiling fan,exhaust fan of different sizes in residential area at IIT Delhi. 26/05/2014 22/05/2014 View
4333 upgradation of a 1.9 TF HPC system 26/05/2014 09/05/2014 View
4334 Procurement of ceiling fan 1200/1400mm. 23/05/2014 09/05/2014 View
4347 A.R. and M.O. AC Plant and package type units at IIT Delhi. S.H: Shifting of Window and Split type AirConditioners in various labs and offices in IIT Delhi. 23/05/2014 16/05/2014 View
4318 Purchase of Programmable PXI power supply and controller 22/05/2014 02/05/2014 View
4327 Procurement of G.I. Fittings / Paints / Hardware Items. 22/05/2014 08/05/2014 View
4315 Supply of Spectrofluorometer with solid sample accessory. 21/05/2014 02/05/2014 View
4343 NIQ for Medical Booklet 20/05/2014 15/05/2014 View
4324 A.R. and M.O.E.I. and fan in Hostel Area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub Head,,Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Installation i/c street lighting in Hostel Area. 19/05/2014 07/05/2014 View
4319 Renovation of store in sports ground and water proofing of terrace in Central Workshop at IIT Delhi SubHead..Civil Work 19/05/2014 05/05/2014 View
4320 Renovation and up gradation of C and D type houses (C type . 30 Nos. and d type 16 Nos. .. 46 Nos. houses) in East Campus at IIT Delhi (Phase II) (SubHead.. Civil Works) 19/05/2014 05/05/2014 View
4329 A.R and M.O fire fighting equipment at IIT Delhi. SH,,Repairing of submersible pump and replacement of starter control panel at block IIA 19/05/2014 08/05/2014 View
4328 Replacement of Automatic Fire Detection, Alarm and Public Address system panel of computer service Centre at IIT Delhi. 19/05/2014 08/05/2014 View
4330 CORRIGENDUM..Procurement of LED fittings 12 watts. 19/05/2014 08/05/2014 View
4274 DC Probe Station with four micropositioners and a hot chuck 16/05/2014 15/04/2014 View
4296 Opacity meter (Elcometer) 16/05/2014 24/04/2014 View
4331 CORRIGENDUM..Procurement of Ultrapure Water Purification System 16/05/2014 08/05/2014 View
4391 Supply, installation and integration of two (02) Freezers (-80 deg C) as a part of Equipment for teaching UG Biology Laboratory Item No. 31 16/05/2014 27/05/2014 View
4316 NIQ for Software Defined Radio (SDR) 16/05/2014 02/05/2014 View
4336 N/W..A.R.and.M.O. E.I. and fans in Hostel Area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. SH..Rewinding / repairing of ceiling fan, exhaust fan and wall fan of different sizes in Hostel Area. 16/05/2014 12/05/2014 View
4317 supply of Furnitures for Main Guest House at IIT Delhi. 13/05/2014 02/05/2014 View