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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
3526 Name of work . A/R and M/O. Public Health Services at IIT Delhi during the year of 2013.2014. Sub Head . Operations of Water Supply System of Running of Tubewells, Pumps, Motors & Accessories… etc at IIT Del 02/09/2013 23/08/2013 View
3527 Name of Work A.R. and M.O. Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head . Job works of up keeping Civil Maintenance in Academic Area at IIT, Delhi. 02/09/2013 23/08/2013 View
3528 Name of Work A.R. and M.O. Building in Residential Area East Campus during the year 2013 .14 Sub Head Job works of up keeping Civil Maintenance services in Residential Area at IIT, Delhi. 02/09/2013 23/08/2013 View
3531 S/I/T/C of fire alarm system in scanning Electron Microscope Lab. of Textile Deptt. at IIT Delhi. 02/09/2013 26/08/2013 View
3495 Benchtop TEM/SEM 30/08/2013 07/08/2013 View
3510 Purchase of 26.5 GHz Handheld Vector Network Analyzer 30/08/2013 16/08/2013 View
3530 NAME OF WORK . A.R. and M.O. E.I. and fans in Hostel Area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. SH Replacement of old damaged/ defective 3 Nos. starter boards with cubical type control panel in Vaishali Reservoir 30/08/2013 26/08/2013 View
3515 Purchase of 6 GHz Handheld Vector Network Analyzer 30/08/2013 19/08/2013 View
3482 Bottling Plant for Packaged Drinking Water 29/08/2013 05/08/2013 View
3511 construction of temporary room for NMR facility for chemistry department between block No. V VI in academic area at IIT Delhi 29/08/2013 16/08/2013 View
3516 1-Providing and fixing false ceiling in MS-104 (2) Replacing old damaged PVC flooring with file flooring in WS-133 (3) Providing and fixing wall tiles in strong room (4) Providing and fixing MS iron grill in MS-901 29/08/2013 19/08/2013 View
3514 UV Irradiator for Polymer Cross Linking 28/08/2013 19/08/2013 View
3534 Preparation of Concept maps, hard spots and a technology platform for teaching school mathematics from IX to XII 26/08/2013 26/08/2013 View
3480 Clean air Wet bench 26/08/2013 05/08/2013 View
3492 Dynamic Signal Analyser 26/08/2013 06/08/2013 View
3496 Liquid Helium Dewar 26/08/2013 07/08/2013 View
3504 Quotations are invited for the purchase of a branded multichannel Potentiostat/Galvanostat/FRA battery cycler 26/08/2013 12/08/2013 View
3460 Purchase of a Tensiometer 23/08/2013 31/07/2013 View
3467 Deep Freezer 23/08/2013 01/08/2013 View
3469 procurement of HPTLC 21/08/2013 02/08/2013 View
3493 Civil Work 21/08/2013 06/08/2013 View
3494 Construction of temporary Doctor’s Rooms and waiting hall at IIT Hospital at IIT Delhi 21/08/2013 06/08/2013 View
3512 A.R. M.O. Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi (SubHead Job Works of up keeping Civil Maintenance in Academic Area at IIT Delhi) 21/08/2013 16/08/2013 View
3513 Replacing of old damage aluminium foil coated APP Membrane with new 1.50mm thick self-adhesive, elastromeric SBS bitumen-based water proofing membrane, for rectification of leakage over the roof of Dogra Hall in Academic Area at IITD 21/08/2013 19/08/2013 View
3479 Purchase of Flatbed cutting plotter with vacuum adhesion with appropriate vacuum system. 20/08/2013 05/08/2013 View
3483 Experimental Setup for Flow Control 19/08/2013 05/08/2013 View
3484 Experimental Setup for Control Valve Characteristics 19/08/2013 05/08/2013 View
3466 Climate Chamber 16/08/2013 01/08/2013 View
3470 40 KVA Online UPS System 16/08/2013 02/08/2013 View
3475 Experimental Setup for Interacting and Non-interacting System 16/08/2013 05/08/2013 View