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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
1938 Packaging and Transportation of Formula Racing Car for Formula Student competition at Silverstone, UK and Return 30/06/2012 28/06/2012 View
1876 Optical Components 29/06/2012 11/06/2012 View
1920 Procurement of Zero -B refill Cartridges. 29/06/2012 22/06/2012 View
1873 A.R. & M.O. Central AC Plants, Package unit at IIT Delhi. S.H. :- Annual operation and comprehensive maintenance of Central Air-Conditioning plant of Central Library Building at IIT Delhi. 29/06/2012 08/06/2012 View
1875 Purchase of Server for Physics Department 29/06/2012 11/06/2012 View
1898 A.R. & M.O. Building in Residential Area (East Campus) during the year 2012-13. S.H-Raising of existing footpath, plinth protection and providing and laying S.W. Line for Blocks-C-1 to C-9, B-6 to B-24, D-1, D-2, IV-13 and IV-14 at IIT Delhi. 28/06/2012 18/06/2012 View
1899 Renovation/ Addition & Alteration works in different laboratories, research scholar's rooms & faculty rooms in academic area at IIT Delhi. 28/06/2012 18/06/2012 View
1885 SUPPLY AND COMMISSIONING OF HEAT FLUX SENSORS - Re-invitation of bids 26/06/2012 12/06/2012 View
1871 Portable Tabletop Sputtering Unit with Multiple Targets 25/06/2012 07/06/2012 View
1911 Name of work:- Providing and fixing E.I. for Fuming Hood in Fibre Science Laboratory TX-118 in Text. Tech. Deptt. in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 25/06/2012 20/06/2012 View
1924 Procurement of Zero-B Refill Cartridgrs 22/06/2012 22/06/2012 View
1897 TS-7800 ARM Single Board Computer and Development Kit 22/06/2012 18/06/2012 View
1887 Renovation work near the structural Engineering Laboratory between Block IV & V Civil Engineering Deptt. In academic area at IIT Delhi. S. H.:- Civil Work. 22/06/2012 13/06/2012 View
1888 A.R. M.O. Boundary wall, Road & storm water drainage system at IIT Delhi during the year 2012 - 2013. S. H. :- Widening of footpath with precast C.Conc kerb stone frojm IDDC corner to Director's lodge crossing at IIT Delhi. 22/06/2012 13/06/2012 View
1891 A.R. & M.O. Boundary wall, Road & storm water drainage system at IIT Delhi. S. H. :- Painting of Speed Breakers, Parking, Road edges lines and Kerb Stone in different places in campus at IIT Delhi. 22/06/2012 13/06/2012 View
1883 10KVA ONLINE UPS 22/06/2012 12/06/2012 View
1856 Ultracentrifuge rotor 21/06/2012 01/06/2012 View
1857 Ultrapure water purification system 21/06/2012 01/06/2012 View
1855 tender notice for runninig messes of Udaygiri & Himadri 20/06/2012 31/05/2012 View
1884 Complete Automation Solution for Research Mould 19/06/2012 12/06/2012 View
1848 Probe station for electrical measurements 18/06/2012 29/05/2012 View
1864 Corrigendum:Purchase of Blade Servers 18/06/2012 05/06/2012 View
1896 NAME OF WORK :- AR&MO A C Plant &Package units etc. at IIT Delhi.( Sub Head:. Operation and routine maintenance of Central Air-conditioning Plant of Central Library Building at IIT Delhi ) 18/06/2012 18/06/2012 View
1866 Corrigendum: A.R. and M.O. Buildings in Academic Area during the year 2012-2013 at IIT Delhi. S. H. :- (1) P/F of Aluminum Glazed partition, wooden cupboard & repair & maintenance work in process Lab. (I/103 to 106) of DBEB deptt. (2) P/F of MS grill in CRDT. 18/06/2012 06/06/2012 View
1880 Renovation of Director’s PA office in academic area at IIT Delhi. Sub - Head: - Providing and fixing E.I. 18/06/2012 12/06/2012 View
1894 Name of work: A/R & M.O. Building in Residential area (East Campus) during the year 2012-2013 (SH: Water proofing treatment on the terrace of III-B Type House (Labour Rate Only ) Block No. III-B-9 & III-10 Blocks.) 18/06/2012 15/06/2012 View
1939 Providing Architectural Services for regularisation of buildings built at IIT Delhi built without approval of Local bodies. 17/06/2012 28/06/2012 View
1895 Name of work: Providing and fixing Electrical connection for chilling equipment in HSL Lab in Acad. Area at IIT Delhi. 16/06/2012 15/06/2012 View
1930 RF ablation unit for biological applications 16/06/2012 26/06/2012 View
1882 Plasma Cleaner 15/06/2012 12/06/2012 View