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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
2062 Renovation of Director Office in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. (Sub-Head: Providing and fixing E.I.) 03/08/2012 25/07/2012 View
2029 Name of work: - Conversion of Old Himadri Mess, Kitchen & Stores into student rooms and creating toilets facilities at IID Delhi. Subhead: - Civil Works. 03/08/2012 20/07/2012 View
2028 A.R. & M.O. Building in Residential Area (East Campus) during the year 2012-2013. Sub-Head: - Job works of Up-keeping Maintenance Services in Residential Area at IIT Delhi. 03/08/2012 20/07/2012 View
2033 Providing and fixing E.I. in M.S. 433 Thin Film Gas Sensor Laboratory Physics Deptt. at IIT Delhi. 03/08/2012 20/07/2012 View
2031 Providing basket of functionalities & services on the Rural Housing Knowledge Network 02/08/2012 20/07/2012 View
2009 Deep Freezer 01/08/2012 16/07/2012 View
2010 Stackable Incubato Shaker 01/08/2012 16/07/2012 View
2083 Quotation for offset printing of scientific Hindi Journal "jigyasa" 01/08/2012 30/07/2012 View
2042 A/R & M.O. Building in Residential area (East Campus) during the year 2012-13. 01/08/2012 23/07/2012 View
2096 Name of work:- Providing and fixing wall mounted fan at various locations in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 31/07/2012 31/07/2012 View
2049 Renovation of Directors Office at IIT Delhi SH Providing and fixing of 12 mm thick Toughened clear glass in Directors Chamber 30/07/2012 23/07/2012 View
2018 Corrigendum :S/I/T/C of 1MWp Solar PV Generation Station complete with PV modules, Inverters, charge controller and other accessories consisting of Sub-Stations rated from 25KWp to 100KWp 30/07/2012 17/07/2012 View
2013 Purchase of COMSOL Software and Modules 30/07/2012 16/07/2012 View
2036 Supply of CP Teak wood battens 27/07/2012 20/07/2012 View
2046 Supply of Cedar ply wood sheet 27/07/2012 23/07/2012 View
2051 Supply of ply wood sheet 27/07/2012 24/07/2012 View
2052 Corrigendum : Create Status of NIC Site 27/07/2012 24/07/2012 View
2047 Name of Work: A.R. & M.O. E.I. and fans in hostel area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi (SH: Operation, routine maintenance and rescue operation of passengers when trapped in 8Nos. OTIS lifts installed in Vikramshila Apartment) 26/07/2012 23/07/2012 View
2022 Corrigendum:Digging re-routing / relaying of high tension 11000 volt cable from Bharti sub-station to Block-VI at IIT Delhi 26/07/2012 18/07/2012 View
1976 -80 deg freezer with co2 backup and accessaries 26/07/2012 09/07/2012 View
1912 A/R & M/O building in residential area (East Campus) at IIT Delhi during the year 2012-2013. Sub-Head: - Providing and fixing of roof sheet on class room III-B in Central School at IIT Delhi. 25/07/2012 20/06/2012 View
1958 Purchase of Probe Sonicator 25/07/2012 05/07/2012 View
1962 Bench top parallel co-rotating twin screw extruder 24/07/2012 05/07/2012 View
1982 Purchase of solar cell measurement system 24/07/2012 10/07/2012 View
2008 Compact logix and Micrologix Programmable Logic Controller and accessories 23/07/2012 16/07/2012 View
2043 Portable Tabletop Sputtering Unit with Multiple Targets 23/07/2012 23/07/2012 View
2002 A.R. & M.O. Boundary wall, Road & Storm water drainage system at IIT Delhi during the year 2012-13. S.H- Widening of footpath with pre cast C.Conc kerb stone from IDDC corner to Director's lodge crossing at IIT Delhi. 23/07/2012 12/07/2012 View
2004 Renovation Work near the Structural Engineering Laboratory between Block No.-IV & V Civil Engineering Deptt. in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. S.H-Civil work. 23/07/2012 12/07/2012 View
2006 Name of work: Providing and fixing E.I. in TX-110 Text. Tech. Deptt. in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 23/07/2012 13/07/2012 View
2007 Name of Work: A.R. & M.O. E.I. and fans in Residential area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi (SH: Providing and fixing E.I. & fans in flat No. III-B/A-1 in east campus.) 23/07/2012 13/07/2012 View