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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
1178 Name of work: -A.R. & M.O. Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi 18/01/2012 09/01/2012 View
1193 CORRIGENDUM Refrence No:NIL NIQ FOR a Desktop PC, Monitor, Multifuntion Printer and UPS. 17/01/2012 12/01/2012 View
1195 NIQ FOR Consolidated grade report form printing paper 80 GSM Size. 17/01/2012 12/01/2012 View
1112 NIQ for Workstation and accessories 16/01/2012 23/12/2011 View
1082 NIQ FOR Spectro Fluorometer System. 16/01/2012 20/12/2011 View
1145 NIQ for 100MHz, DIGITAL STORAGE OSCILLOSCOPE. 16/01/2012 02/01/2012 View
1176 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:NIQ No. IITD/Civil (Store)/2011-12 NIQ FOR Pin-jointed Truss System with accompanying Data Acquisition System for educational and instructional use. 16/01/2012 09/01/2012 View
1128 Providing & fixing E.I in temporary shed for faculty rooms and laboratories in lawn opposite ECO lab in text deptt at IIT Delhi. 16/01/2012 28/12/2011 View
1183 NIQ FOR Salary Pay Slip Print. 16/01/2012 10/01/2012 View
1159 Providing and fixing 3phase power supply to 1OKVA UPS in CFD Laboratory (II-12A) Chemical Engg. Deptt. at IIT Delhi 16/01/2012 04/01/2012 View
1179 A/R & M/O Building in Residential area (East Campus) during the year 2011-12. 13/01/2012 09/01/2012 View
1103 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:This office NIT No. IITDlDW/23(C)/EE (C-I)/2011/56, Dated: -05/12/2011 A.R. & M.O. Building in Hostel Area (West Campus) during the year 2011-12. 13/01/2012 22/12/2011 View
1109 A.R. & M.O. E.I. and fans in Academic area i/c street light arrangement at lIT Delhi. S.H. :- Replacement of existing burnt out TPDB in MS building in Academic area at IIT Delhi. 13/01/2012 23/12/2011 View
1114 NIQ for the Purchase of polarizing microscope (Qnty 01) 12/01/2012 23/12/2011 View
1122 Disposal of scrap material obtained from dismantling work for nano -lab at Block -VI, Acad.Area at IIT Delhi 12/01/2012 27/12/2011 View
1123 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:NIQ No. IITD/EE (P)/2011/38·38, Dated: -26112/2011 Disposal of Scrap Materials obtained from dismantling work for Nano-Lab. at Block No.-VI Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 12/01/2012 27/12/2011 View
1148 CORRIGENDUM Refrence NIQ No. IITD/EE (P)/2011/3838, Dated: -26/12/2011 Disposal of Scrap Materials obtained from dismantling work for Nano-Lab. at Block No.-VI Academic Ar.ea at IIT Delhi. 12/01/2012 02/01/2012 View
1149 Replacement of existing old Tube Light Fittings and wiring in Seminar Room MZ-163 of Mathematic Department at IIT Delhi. 12/01/2012 02/01/2012 View
1152 Replacement of existing old tube light fittings and wiring in seminar room MZ-163 of mathematics department at IIT Delhi. 12/01/2012 03/01/2012 View
1160 N.O.W.:Repair of seat cushion in Lecture Room No 511 at Vishwakarma Bhawan at IIT Delhi. S. H.Civil Work 12/01/2012 05/01/2012 View
1134 NIQ FOR PCR machine + Electrophoresis system with power pack 11/01/2012 28/12/2011 View
1130 NIQ FOR 10-15 Workstations. 11/01/2012 28/12/2011 View
1115 NIQ for Inter-digitated gold electrodes on silicon wafer. 10/01/2012 23/12/2011 View
1154 NIQ for offset printing & supplying of Institute Fortnightly Hindi News Bulletin "Sampark". 10/01/2012 03/01/2012 View
1063 Replacement of Automatic Fire Detection and Fire Alarm system of Central Library at IIT Delhi. 10/01/2012 13/12/2011 View
1155 NIQ FOR challan printing forms and Receipt. 10/01/2012 03/01/2012 View
1105 NIQ FOR computer items with the given specifications. 09/01/2012 22/12/2011 View
1151 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:NIQ no. IITD/EE/PLN03-BEEN Notice inviting quotations for a Programmable Syringe Pump. 09/01/2012 02/01/2012 View
1062 S/I/T/C Down Commer System, Sprinkler and extension of Fire Fighting water lines of different building at IIT Delhi. 09/01/2012 13/12/2011 View
1101 A.R & M.O Buildings in Academic Area during the year 2011-2012 09/01/2012 22/12/2011 View