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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
1723 A.R. & M.O. Building in Hostel Area (West Campus)at IIT Delhi during the year 2012-2013.(Kota Stone flooring behind Kitchen of Shivalik Hostel and Gym Room of R.C.A.) 04/05/2012 24/04/2012 View
1724 A.R. & M.O. Building in east campus at IITD during 2012-2013.(Making and fixing Glazed Shutters for windows and repairing the M.S. Grill Door in Type 'A' houses. (Labour Rate Only)) 03/05/2012 24/04/2012 View
1725 A.R. & M.O. buildings in east campus at IIT Delhi during the year 2012-13.(Miscellaneous civil work in A-I to A-4 Block) 03/05/2012 24/04/2012 View
1691 NIQ FOR Heat Flux sensors. 01 Nos. 01/05/2012 16/04/2012 View
1676 NIQ FOR the purchase of two handheld automatic vector network ananlyzer(VNA). 30/04/2012 11/04/2012 View
1693 NIQ FOR UV-Visible Spectrophotometer 30/04/2012 16/04/2012 View
1668 A.R. & M.O. D.G. Sets at IIT Delhi. S.H:-Annual Maintenance and repair of various capacity D.G. Sets installed in IIT Delhi. 30/04/2012 10/04/2012 View
1726 CORRIGENDUM Reference: No.IITD/E.E.(C-II)/2012-13/174/19-04-2012. A/R & M/O Building in Residential area (East Campus) at IIT Delhi during 2012-13.(Patch Plastering) 30/04/2012 24/04/2012 View
1678 NIQ for the purchase of a Kjeldahl Apparatus for determining Nitrogen, Ammonium Nitrogen. 27/04/2012 11/04/2012 View
1719 NIQ for LED Lighting System. 27/04/2012 20/04/2012 View
1648 Providing and Fixing One No. additional ceiling fan in all double rooms of Himadri Hostel in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 27/04/2012 04/04/2012 View
1687 NIQ FOR supply and installation of kitchen equipments for Udaygiri Hostel,IIT Delhi. 27/04/2012 12/04/2012 View
1713 Flooring for Basket Ball Court and fencing around Synthetic Basket Ball Court in play field. S.H:- Civil Work. 27/04/2012 18/04/2012 View
1715 A/R & M/O Building in Hostel area (west campus) at IIT Delhi during the year 2012-2013.(Replacement of 10000 Ltr water tank placed at terrace of Satpura Hostel) 27/04/2012 19/04/2012 View
1681 NIQ for the purchase of 10 MHz Precision LCR Meter. 26/04/2012 12/04/2012 View
1673 CORRIGENDUM REFERENCE NO:NIT No. IITD/DW/24(E)/EE(E)/2012/96, Dated: 14.03.2012 Name of work :-S/I/T/C of lMWp Solar PV Generation Station complete with PV modules, inverter, charge controller & other accessories consisting of Sub-Station rated from 25KWp to 100 KWp. 26/04/2012 10/04/2012 View
1694 Name of work: - A/R & M/O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. SH: -Providing and laying Precast terrazzo tiles In Fibre Production Laboratory of Textile Deptt. in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 26/04/2012 16/04/2012 View
1714 A/R & M/O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. SH: -Preparation of 3D Architectural drawing & 2D drawing for creating student facility in block -II (Mechanical side) open area at top floor, showing all necessary surrounding as per site requirement in Academic Area IIT Delhi. 26/04/2012 18/04/2012 View
1649 NIQ FOR the purchase of Digital Polarimeter. 25/04/2012 04/04/2012 View
1650 NIQ FOR purchase of UV-Visible Spectrophotometer. 25/04/2012 04/04/2012 View
1651 NIQ FOR the purchase of Real Time PCR. 25/04/2012 04/04/2012 View
1716 A/R & M/O Building in east campus of IITD during 2012-2013.(Patch Plastering) 25/04/2012 19/04/2012 View
1703 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:IITD/E.E. (C-II)/2012-13/ 124/ 10-04-2012. A/R & M/O. Building in Residential area (East Campus) at IIT Delhi during 2012-13. Sub Head:-Raising the level of entrance passage and plinth protection of the house no. 1-7(lV-6/A-1) and III-A-l/A-3 at IIT Delhi. 24/04/2012 17/04/2012 View
1658 NIQ for the purchase of CO2 INCUBATOR. 24/04/2012 09/04/2012 View
1692 NIQ FOR A/4 first surface mirrors. 23/04/2012 16/04/2012 View
1625 A.R. & M.O.Central AC Plants, Package unit at IIT Delhi. S.H.:-Annual operation and routine maintenance of package & ductable type AC of VI LT-I & 2, V LT-2, IV LT3 and other sites at IIT Delhi. 23/04/2012 27/03/2012 View
1642 A.R. & M.O. E.I. and Fans in Academic area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. S. H:-Maintenance and repairing of Electrical Installation i/c street lighting and operation of lift i/c rescue operation in Academic area. 23/04/2012 30/03/2012 View
1677 NIQ FOR the purchase of a pilot plant Ozonation/Advanced Oxidation System for effluent treatment. 20/04/2012 11/04/2012 View
1624 A.R. & M.O.Fire Fighting Equipment at IIT Delhi.S.H:-Refilling and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers installed at various building at IIT Delhi. 20/04/2012 27/03/2012 View
1672 NIQ FOR Pre Printed Continuous Stationary. 20/04/2012 10/04/2012 View