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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
1474 Sealed tenders are invited from highly reputed, well established & Professional Security Agencies capable of providing about 15 Supervisors & 225 trained security Guards and 12 Armed Guards. 26/03/2012 29/02/2012 View
1539 Name of work: -Providing and fixing wall panelling and grinding & polishing of existing wooden flooring in T & P Unit (Synergy Building) at IIT Delhi. 26/03/2012 09/03/2012 View
1540 Making of Faculty Rooms by covering of cut out in Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, III/l33, Deptt of Applied Mechanics Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 26/03/2012 09/03/2012 View
1573 NIQ FOR Sediment transport mechanism for existing flume. 26/03/2012 16/03/2012 View
1562 Replacement of 2 Nos. 1.5 TR Window type Air-conditioners with SPLIT type Airconditioners in the Server and works station room. 26/03/2012 14/03/2012 View
1600 NIQ FOR Purchase of one High Speed Data Acquisition and Storage System. 26/03/2012 22/03/2012 View
1595 CORRIGENDUM REFERENCE NO:IITD/PHY/2012/ Glove Box. NIQ FOR SINGLE PAIR GLOVE BOX. 25/03/2012 21/03/2012 View
1599 NIQ FOR Basecamp Web Project Management Software for 10 projects. 25/03/2012 22/03/2012 View
1416 NIQ FOR Spectro electrochemical workstation. 23/03/2012 23/02/2012 View
1463 NIQ FOR Single Sided Mask Aligner/Photolithography System. 23/03/2012 28/02/2012 View
1487 CORRIGENDUM REFERENCE NO:NIL NIQ FOR Single Sided Mask Aligner/Photolithography System. 23/03/2012 02/03/2012 View
1574 NIQ FOR SolidWorks Premium 3D CAD & CAE Software University Research License. 23/03/2012 16/03/2012 View
1578 Revised Specification Emerged after Pre-bid Conference with the vendors regarding "Single Sided Mask Aligner/Photolithography System". 23/03/2012 16/03/2012 View
1508 A.R & M.O Building in Hostel Area at IIT Delhi during the year 2012-2013. S.H:-O.B.D and painting in Hostel of West Campus at IIT Delhi. 23/03/2012 06/03/2012 View
1537 A.R. & M.O. Central AC Plants, Package unit at lIT Delhi. S.H. :-Annual operation and routine maintenance of D.G. sets, and Annual Operation and comprehensive maintenance of Central Air-Conditioning and Evaporating cooling systems of Vishwakarma Bhawan at IIT Delhi. 23/03/2012 09/03/2012 View
1538 Making of Faculty rooms by Covering of cut out in Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Deptt. of Applied Mechanics, Academic area at IIT Delhi. S.H. :-Providing and Fixing Electrical Installation. 22/03/2012 09/03/2012 View
1499 Notice Inviting Quotations (NIQ) for the Purchase of a Bench top Powder X‐ray Diffractometer 21/03/2012 05/03/2012 View
1520 NIQ FOR High Resolution Spectrometer. 21/03/2012 07/03/2012 View
1521 NIQ FOR Spectrum Stabilized, 635 nm, Single Mode, Diode Laser. 21/03/2012 07/03/2012 View
1522 NIQ FOR Optical Table with Vibration Immunity via Active Damping Control. 21/03/2012 07/03/2012 View
1523 NIQ FOR Portable Raman System. 21/03/2012 07/03/2012 View
1524 NIQ FOR Electrospinning Apparatus (one in number). 21/03/2012 07/03/2012 View
1525 NIQ FOR Fume Hood (one in number). 21/03/2012 07/03/2012 View
1526 NIQ FOR UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system (one in number). 21/03/2012 07/03/2012 View
1531 CORRIGENDUM REFERENCE NO:NIQ no. IITD/EE/PLN03-BEEN Notice inviting quotations for a Spectrum Stabilized, 532 nm, Single Mode, Diode Laser. 21/03/2012 07/03/2012 View
1560 CORRIGENDUM Ref No:NIL NIQ FOR Data Acquisition and Processing System(MI00900). 21/03/2012 14/03/2012 View
1563 A.R & M.O FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT AT IIT DELHI.(Replacement of M.S. Pipe down comer system and replacement of M.S. Sheet F.B inlet boxes & Fire Hydrants). 21/03/2012 14/03/2012 View
1504 NIQ for Risc based HPC server. 20/03/2012 05/03/2012 View
1502 NIQ for ANSYS software. 20/03/2012 05/03/2012 View
1482 NIQ FOR Clean Booth (Class: 1000). 19/03/2012 01/03/2012 View