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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
1359 Minor Renovation Work in V/151 & V/WS-106 Lab of CES Deptt in academic area at IIT Delhi. 24/02/2012 15/02/2012 View
1361 Re-fixing of M.S. wire mesh and providing and fixing temporary shed over electrical panels at different locations in IIT Delhi. 24/02/2012 15/02/2012 View
1382 NIQ FOR Semester Grade Report 80 GSM,2 colour with logo 2 side print,Continuation Sheets. 24/02/2012 17/02/2012 View
1321 NIQ FOR Rotary Evaporator with Diaphragm Pump. 23/02/2012 07/02/2012 View
1344 NIQ FOR spindle class rolling element. 23/02/2012 09/02/2012 View
1330 NIQ FOR 13 iMACs.(Computer Services Centre, IIT Delhi) 23/02/2012 08/02/2012 View
1360 Erection of parapet facia at Block No. -I in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 23/02/2012 15/02/2012 View
1328 NIQ FOR Micro Injection Molding Machine. 22/02/2012 08/02/2012 View
1381 Name of Work: A.R. & M.O. E.I. Sub-Station at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head: Providing and laying of HDPE Pipe for protection of existing HT cable at IIT Delhi. 22/02/2012 17/02/2012 View
1293 NIQ FOR Purchase of vibration free-optical tables. 21/02/2012 31/01/2012 View
1294 NIQ FOR Purchase of Fiber optic components. 21/02/2012 31/01/2012 View
1304 NIQ FOR set of Cartridge for the Existing DI Water Plant. 21/02/2012 01/02/2012 View
1306 NIQ FOR Programmable Electronic DC source. 21/02/2012 02/02/2012 View
1315 NIQ FOR Double Jersey Laboratory Knitting Machine. 21/02/2012 06/02/2012 View
1312 NIQ FOR Two fast-switching microwave synthesized sources. 20/02/2012 03/02/2012 View
1282 NIQ FOR Purchase of UPS and TVSS switch. 17/02/2012 30/01/2012 View
1283 NIQ FOR Purchase of optical, optomechanical and optoelectrical components. 17/02/2012 30/01/2012 View
1291 NIQ FOR Tabletop DC Plasma Sputtering System. 17/02/2012 31/01/2012 View
1301 NIQ FOR Purchase of Two no. Double Decker Shaker. 17/02/2012 01/02/2012 View
1300 P/F E.I. in Vibration Research Lab. Block No. 111/177 for Test Rigs in Mech. Engg. Deptt. at IIT Delhi. 17/02/2012 01/02/2012 View
1333 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:IITD/E.E. (E)I Feb. 12/419/ 02/02/2012. Name of work: -A.R. & M.O. Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. SH: -Making of wooden side rack with .shutter in IRD Unit at IIT DeIhi. 16/02/2012 08/02/2012 View
1334 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:IITD/E.E. (E)/ Feb. 12/420/02/02/2012 Name of work: - Minor Renovation work in MS-433 (Thin film Gas Sensor ,laboratory) Physics Deptt. in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. SH:-Civil Work 16/02/2012 08/02/2012 View
1340 Name of work: -A/R & M/O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. SH: -Making of Aluminium partition in II/318 (out side impact Lab) of Elect. Engg. Deptt. in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 16/02/2012 08/02/2012 View
1313 Providing and fixing E.I in TX-104 and TX-124 Text Tech Deptt in academic area at IIT Delhi. 16/02/2012 03/02/2012 View
1257 NIQ for 10 Wireless Multimedia Projectors. 15/02/2012 23/01/2012 View
1292 Empowering the Rural BPL youth of Himachal Pradesh through Fruwash technology. 15/02/2012 31/01/2012 View
1302 NIQ FOR purchase of machine sets for the UG machines laboratory. 15/02/2012 01/02/2012 View
1332 CORRIGENDUM Reference No:NIL NIQ FOR RFIC Fabrication(RP02473/CSTOR01) 15/02/2012 08/02/2012 View
1311 CORRIGENDUM Reference No: This Office NIT No. IITD/DW/24 (E)/EE (E)/2012/79 Dated: 17.01.2012. A.R. & M.O. Central AC Plants, Package unit, constant temp. cold rooms, refrigerator, water coolers and Desert coolers at IIT Delhi. 15/02/2012 03/02/2012 View
1329 Renovation of fire detection & alaram system at MS-424(05 rooms) of physics deppt IIT Delhi. 15/02/2012 08/02/2012 View