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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
9196 Pitot tube for measuring velocity 27/12/2017 12/12/2017 View
9227 A/R & M/O Central Ac Plant & Package Unit at IIT Delhi. Sub Head:- Annual operation and routine maintenance of Package and Duct able type AC of Lecture Theaters VI LT-1&2, V LT-2, IV LT-3 and others site in IIT Delhi. 27/12/2017 19/12/2017 View
9167 DAQ card for High Speed Computation 26/12/2017 04/12/2017 View
9173 Requirement of Material for Central Civil Store at IIT Delhi.(PTMT and PVC Fittings) 26/12/2017 05/12/2017 View
9174 Requirement of Material for Central Civil Store at IIT Delhi. (P.V.C. water storage tank and cover) 26/12/2017 05/12/2017 View
9184 Name of work : A.R. & M.O. Building in Boys Hostel Maintenance Area in West Campus Area at IIT Delhi.. Sub-Head:- Providing & fixing wall tiles in different rooms of Udaigiri Hostel at IIT Delhi. 26/12/2017 07/12/2017 View
9231 A.R. AND M.0. Central AC Plant, Package and Duct able type cooling system of Vishwakarma bhawan at IIT Delhi. SH - Operation and Routine maintenance of Central AC Plant,Package and Ductable type cooling system of Vishwakarma Bhawan at IIT Delhi. 26/12/2017 19/12/2017 View
9244 A.R. and M.O. E.I. and fans in academic area i/c street light and arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub –Head: - Providing and fixing earthing system for CNC surface grinding machine in machine tool laboratory in Central Workshop WS-109. 26/12/2017 22/12/2017 View
9161 Protein Liquid Chromatography system (1 unit) 22/12/2017 01/12/2017 View
9224 NW AR and MO Sub Station at IIT Delhi SH Remote energy monitoring of 11KV HT panel incoming outgoing feeders with performance parameters at Vishwakarma Bhawan Sub Station 22/12/2017 19/12/2017 View
9155 Portable CO2 Analyzer with multifunction 21/12/2017 30/11/2017 View
9157 Simultaneous thermal analyzer(STA) 21/12/2017 30/11/2017 View
9194 AR and MO Building in Boys hostel maintenance area at IIT Delhi Sub Head Providing and Fixing false ceiling at Study room of Jwalamukhi Hostel at IIT Delhi 20/12/2017 11/12/2017 View
9147 Portable He Leak detector 20/12/2017 29/11/2017 View
9162 12V/26AH SMF BATTERY (64 Numbers) 18/12/2017 01/12/2017 View
9200 Sub-Head- Providing and fixing false ceiling in the HOD office and Main office in Civil Engineering Deptt. (Room No.- IV-223) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 18/12/2017 12/12/2017 View
9133 GPS data Logger for Vehicle Testing 15/12/2017 24/11/2017 View
9172 1Advertisement to be published in Times of india All India edition and Economic Times on 3rd or 5th page on 08 01 2018 Monday Size of advertisement WxH 8x12 = 96 sq cms 2 Advertisement to be published in Employment news on 06 01 2018 Saturday Size of 15/12/2017 05/12/2017 View
9192 NW A R and M O Central AC Plant Package and Ductable type cooling system of Vishwakarma Bhawan at IIT Delhi.SH Operation and Routine maintenance of Central AC Plant Package and Ductable type cooling system of Vishwakarma Bhawan at IIT Delhi 14/12/2017 11/12/2017 View
9124 Purchase of terahertz accessories 14/12/2017 23/11/2017 View
9127 Cold chamber for protein liquid chromatography system (1 unit) 14/12/2017 23/11/2017 View
9156 Providing & Installation of GRC Jali near Library Building at IIT Delhi. 14/12/2017 30/11/2017 View
9158 Outsourcing of Staff in Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu 14/12/2017 30/11/2017 View
9117 Purchase of 15 kVA online UPS with accessories 13/12/2017 22/11/2017 View
9110 Computerized Jacquard Flat Knitting Machine 12/12/2017 21/11/2017 View
9111 Raschel Warp Knitting Machine 12/12/2017 21/11/2017 View
9100 Supply, installation and integration of substrate rotation assembly for high vacuum system (10-6-10-7 Torr) 11/12/2017 20/11/2017 View
9101 Furnace for Chemical Vapor Deposition 11/12/2017 20/11/2017 View
9151 A/R & M/O Central AC Plant, Package Unit, Constant Temp., Cold Room, Refrigerator, Water Cooler, Desert Cooler etc at IIT Delhi. Sub Head: - Annual Operation and routine maintenance of water coolers and cold rooms installed at various site at IIT Delhi. 11/12/2017 30/11/2017 View