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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
7751 Field emission scanning electron microscope with EDX and EBSD detectors 14/03/2017 14/02/2017 View
7753 Field emission scanning electron microscope with STEM and EDX detectors 14/03/2017 14/02/2017 View
7771 Operation and Routine Maintenance of Electrical Equipments installed in various Sub-Station at IIT Delhi. 14/03/2017 17/02/2017 View
7779 A combined glow discharge/carbon coating system for treatment of grids prior to electron microscopy 14/03/2017 20/02/2017 View
7858 NAME OF WORK..A.R. and M.O. SubStation at IIT Delhi. SH..Shifting, Installation and Testing of 11KV HT Panels RMU SubStation. 14/03/2017 09/03/2017 View
7804 Constant temperature bath and temperature sensor (coated) 13/03/2017 27/02/2017 View
7827 CORRIGENDUM..Name of Work.. A.R AND M.O Building in Academic area at IIT Delhi during the year 2016.2017. SubHead..Modification/Making of wooden book shelve in Mathematics Department for faculty rooms no.MZ.190 AND MZ.193 Academic Area at IIT Delhi.(Phase.II) 10/03/2017 02/03/2017 View
7853 N/W :- A.R. & M.O. Sub -Station at IIT Delhi. SH:- Repairing/replacing of damaged/burntout CTs of Main Incoming 11KV HT Panels in Bharti Sub-Station. 10/03/2017 09/03/2017 View
7794 Three phase Autotransformer controlled rectifier unit capable of giving (0- 220)V DC, 40 Amp. 08/03/2017 23/02/2017 View
7757 Contact Angle Measurement System 08/03/2017 15/02/2017 View
7787 Exhaust Fan, Ceiling Fan, LED Light (as per BOQ) 08/03/2017 22/02/2017 View
7802 DC and AC Voltmeters and Ammeters for different ranges. 08/03/2017 27/02/2017 View
7803 Single phase auto transformer 0-240V AC, 15 A capacity (20 Nos.) 08/03/2017 27/02/2017 View
7820 Name of work:- Construction of Laundromat unit in Hostel area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head :- Civil Work 08/03/2017 28/02/2017 View
7833 Providing E.I in renovation of house No-6, G Street in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 08/03/2017 03/03/2017 View
7837 N/W: A.R & M.O E.I and fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi.SH: Providing Power Points in Himadri & Kailash Hostel in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 08/03/2017 03/03/2017 View
7713 Inkjet Materials Printer 08/03/2017 07/02/2017 View
7776 Power Amplifier for Electrodynamic Shaker 07/03/2017 20/02/2017 View
7777 Electrodynamic Shaker (Tender uploaded twice,please refer to NIT.7778) 07/03/2017 20/02/2017 View
7778 Electrodynamic Shaker 07/03/2017 20/02/2017 View
7817 Providing facilities for Physically Challenged Persons (8 Nos. Passenger-cum-Goods lifts at IIT Delhi) Sub Head: Providing Necessary Electrical Work for Lift Shaft & Machine Room 07/03/2017 28/02/2017 View
7748 HPLC system having Quaternary pump, UV Detector, Refractive Index detector and Auto Sampler 07/03/2017 14/02/2017 View
7808 Single phase Induction Motor-DC Generator set 07/03/2017 28/02/2017 View
7809 Three phase resistance load of 2.5 kW rating at 415V 07/03/2017 28/02/2017 View
7810 Three phase Autotransformer 0- 415V, 8 Amp Capacity 07/03/2017 28/02/2017 View
7811 Single phase resistive load of 2 kW rating at 250V 07/03/2017 28/02/2017 View
7812 VFD of 2.2kW rating for speed control of 3 phase induction motors 07/03/2017 28/02/2017 View
7813 LPF and UPF Wattmeters of different ranges 07/03/2017 28/02/2017 View
7834 A.R & M.O building in academic area at IIT Delhi during the year 2016-2017. Sub Head: Making temporary roof shade for equipments out side single crystal lab in the Block No. I-34 and miscellanious civil works in academic area at IIT Delhi. (Labour Rate) 07/03/2017 03/03/2017 View
7835 N/W : A.R & M.O E.I and fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi. SH:Laying of cable from East wing to West wing in MGH and S/I/T and commissioning of Wall bracket in east campus at IIT Delhi. 07/03/2017 03/03/2017 View