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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
4048 Name of Work. Providing E.I. and fans in renovation of different Labs. / Offices Deptt. in Academic area at IIT Delhi. 18/02/2014 05/02/2014 View
4031 Procurement of 1.0 Tr. Five Star Rating Energy Efficient Window type Air Conditioners for the offices of the faculty members at IIT Delhi. 18/02/2014 31/01/2014 View
4042 NIQ for test and measurement equipment for Physics laboratory 17/02/2014 04/02/2014 View
4020 Name of work.. Providing and fixing Chain link fencing with iron posts in B,C and D Type Houses in IIT Delhi. Sub Head .. Civil Work. 17/02/2014 28/01/2014 View
4021 Name of work.. Development of Roads by providing new footpath from Karakoram Hostel to main gate at IIT Delhi. Sub Head . Civil Work. 17/02/2014 29/01/2014 View
4029 Procurement of Plain Glass and Looking Glass 4mm and 5mm 17/02/2014 31/01/2014 View
4035 Notice inviting quotations for dual channel Function Generator 17/02/2014 03/02/2014 View
4039 Piezo Interface Card and High Resolution CMOS camera 16/02/2014 03/02/2014 View
4047 Liquid Helium Dewar 16/02/2014 05/02/2014 View
4038 Purchase of an Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) for existing Bruker FT.IR Model Vertex.70V 15/02/2014 03/02/2014 View
4014 PCA, Video Board..FIRST LIGHT (ARC.45).. for Gatan video controller 14/02/2014 28/01/2014 View
4022 Purchase of UV.Vis spectrophotometer 14/02/2014 29/01/2014 View
4033 Purchase of 20 GHz Signal Source 14/02/2014 03/02/2014 View
4052 CORRIGENDUM .. Purchase of 20 GHz Signal Source 14/02/2014 05/02/2014 View
3984 Construction of additional Temporary Dinning Hall at first floor level of Main Guest House at IIT Delhi. S.H..Providing E.I. and fans. 14/02/2014 21/01/2014 View
4012 CORRIGENDUM for Fluorescence Microscope with Motorized Micromanipulator and Pressure Transducer 14/02/2014 27/01/2014 View
4015 PROCUREMENT OF FLUSH DOOR SHUTTERS (BOTH SIDE TEAK VENEERED) (second call) 13/02/2014 28/01/2014 View
3991 Solid State Laser 12/02/2014 22/01/2014 View
4025 Purchase of DUST MONITOR 12/02/2014 29/01/2014 View
4055 A/R and M/O Building in Academic area at IIT Delhi. S. H. . I , P/F wall tiles in JEE Committee room and JEE office in Academic Area at IIT delhi. S. H. . II P/F Floor tiles in Room No. II/154 in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 12/02/2014 07/02/2014 View
4013 Procurement of 29 watt Recess Mounted Led Light fittings. 12/02/2014 27/01/2014 View
4046 A.R and M.O of Fire Fighting Equipments at IIT Delhi. S.H.. Repairing of pumps and control panels at Block.IIA and Vishwakarma Bhawan. 12/02/2014 05/02/2014 View
4016 Temperature chamber 11/02/2014 28/01/2014 View
4023 Mass flow Controller 11/02/2014 29/01/2014 View
4037 N/W.. Rehabilitation & renovation work in III/A type houses (14 Nos. from III/A.3 Block to III/A.6 Block) in East Campus at IIT Delhi. S.H.. Wiring of E.I. and fans with PVC copper conductor cable in M.S. conduit. 11/02/2014 03/02/2014 View
4024 Swelling Pressure Apparatus 10/02/2014 29/01/2014 View
3977 Purchase of UV Visible Spectrophotometer 10/02/2014 20/01/2014 View
3999 Purchase of high resolution miniature fiber optic CCD array UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer with optical fibers and LED light source 10/02/2014 23/01/2014 View
4018 Polishing/Repairing work of Furniture in Faculty Guest House 10/02/2014 28/01/2014 View