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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
5860 NIQ for Traffic Video Data acquisition system, Extension of last date of submission (NIT 5800 /14th Sep 2015) 09/10/2015 05/10/2015 View
5815 Seismic Survey Equipment MASW Recorder 08/10/2015 17/09/2015 View
5808 Purchase of DIGITAL LEVEL 07/10/2015 16/09/2015 View
5816 Expression of Interest..Tablet based educational software solutions 07/10/2015 17/09/2015 View
5848 Motion Capture System for UAVs 07/10/2015 30/09/2015 View
5826 AR and MO. Central AC Plant, Package Unit, Constant Temp., Cold Room, Refrigerator, Water, Coolers, Desert coolers etc at IIT Delhi. 07/10/2015 21/09/2015 View
5833 Replacement of existing of 2 x 100 TR Reciprocation chillers with 02 x 100 TR water cooled energy efficient screw chillers of central Air-conditioning plant at computer service center in IIT Delhi 07/10/2015 22/09/2015 View
5842 CORRIGENDUM..Repairing of various capacity motors installed in central AC plants and window /split air-conditioners. 07/10/2015 28/09/2015 View
5830 Procurement of Compact Chock 36 watt / Starter 40 watt / Tube light 36 watt. 06/10/2015 22/09/2015 View
5822 Setting up, maintaining and regular usage of 30 fruwash machines, for weaker sections and BPL families, in selected mandies (wholesale markets) of northern India. 05/10/2015 18/09/2015 View
5823 Fabrication of 30 machines capable of implementing the ‘Fruwash’ technology as per the concept and design developed by IIT Delhi. 05/10/2015 18/09/2015 View
5797 To purchase a vacuum Oven 05/10/2015 11/09/2015 View
5821 Sealed quotations (separate bids for financial requirements and technical capabilities) are invited from Non-government/ government organizations/ cooperatives/ self help groups/ individuals for dissemination of knowledge on fruwash technology for reducing post harvest losses and job creation in northern India. 05/10/2015 18/09/2015 View
5764 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer 02/10/2015 01/09/2015 View
5800 Traffic Video Data acquisition system 01/10/2015 14/09/2015 View
5794 Modular Diffusion Reflectance Accessory / Attachment (DRIFTS) for existing Thermo Scientific FTIR (model no. 6700) along with high temperature and pressure reaction chamber 01/10/2015 10/09/2015 View
5811 Dual Channel Syringe Pump 01/10/2015 16/09/2015 View
5832 Name of work.. AR and MO DG sets at IIT Delhi Sub Head. Providing and Fixing 630 A TPN SFU and allied work in Main DG, IIT Delhi 01/10/2015 22/09/2015 View
5817 Upgradation of Keil MDK ARM Compiler 30/09/2015 17/09/2015 View
5818 Purchase of Sensor Kits 30/09/2015 17/09/2015 View
5792 ATR for iS50 FT-IR (Nicolet) 30/09/2015 09/09/2015 View
5829 AR and MO DG sets at IIT Delhi; Sub Head: Replacement of Silencer and Exhaust Pipe of 2 x 380 KVA DG sets at Aravali Site in IIT Delhi 30/09/2015 22/09/2015 View
5787 LED based Digital Micrometer 29/09/2015 07/09/2015 View
5790 Titanium Raw Material of various grades and shapes/ sizes with Mill Certificates of each lot 29/09/2015 08/09/2015 View
5804 High Definition Laser 3D Printer 29/09/2015 15/09/2015 View
5839 N/W..A.R and M.O E.I and fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi. SH..Rewinding / repairing of ceiling fan,exhaust fan and table fan of different sizes in residential area at IIT Delhi. 29/09/2015 28/09/2015 View
5781 Single screw extruder with option for future up gradation to micro cast film and blown film attachment 24/09/2015 03/09/2015 View
5807 Name of work..AR and MO Central AC Plant, Package unit, Constant temp., cold rooms, Refg., Water coolers at IIT Delhi. SH..Repairing of various capacity motors installed in central AC plants and window/split Air conditioners. 24/09/2015 16/09/2015 View
5789 DC Ammeter, AC ammeter and Wattmeter for measuring current and power 23/09/2015 08/09/2015 View
5793 Motion Capture System for UAVs 23/09/2015 10/09/2015 View