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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
10663 05 Nos of Four quadrant Full bridge dc dc converter stacks for special switched capacitor based dc dc converter topology 19/11/2018 06/11/2018 View
10616 N I Q For Rogowski Current Sensor 16/11/2018 30/10/2018 View
10612 A.R. & M.O. Building in Boys Hostel Maintenance Area at IIT Delhi during the year 2018-2019. Sub-Head :- O.B.D. and Painting in Boys Hostel of West campus at IIT Delhi. 15/11/2018 29/10/2018 View
10640 S. Head- Maintenance and repairing of Electrical installation i/c street lighting and operation of lifts i/c rescue operation of lifts in Academic Area. 15/11/2018 02/11/2018 View
10655 Name of work - Providing Reinforced cement concrete platform/ foundation for mounting new experimental setup in IV-153 Lab. of Applied Mechanics deptt.) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 15/11/2018 05/11/2018 View
10587 Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) 14/11/2018 24/10/2018 View
10628 Anchoring of dry stone cladding open area at third floor and entrance of LHC at IIT Delhi. (Phase-1). 14/11/2018 31/10/2018 View
10666 AR & MO. Central AC Plants, package unit, constant Temp., Cold room, Refrigerator, water cooler, Desert coolers etc at IIT Delhi. 14/11/2018 06/11/2018 View
10571 Purchase of a fluidized bed reactor system 13/11/2018 23/10/2018 View
10579 Sub-Head - (a) Development of Backside area by providing Grass Paver block in Zanskar Hostel at IIT Delhi. (b) Development of front area ( near night mess ) by providing Grass Paver block in Vindhyachal Hostel at IIT Delhi. 13/11/2018 24/10/2018 View
10561 AAA Solar Simulator with EQE Setup 12/11/2018 22/10/2018 View
10578 Name of work : Renovation work in MS-632 (Lab. of Chemistry deptt.), MS-533 (Lab. of Physics deptt.), III-316 (Lab. of CARE deptt.), Aluminium glazed partition in old dismantled store at Bharti School Basement Parking and providing & fixing tile in WS-132A (Lab. of IDDC) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 12/11/2018 24/10/2018 View
10604 Purchase of 100% Polycarbonate Light Weight Travel Accessories 12/11/2018 26/10/2018 View
10623 S/I/T/C of Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System in instrumentation lab (I-233) Computer lab (I-231) of Bio Medical Engg., Labs of Mechanical Engg. Room No. II/433 A, B, C and 17 Nos. Labs of Chemistry Dept. at Block VI at IIT Delhi. 12/11/2018 31/10/2018 View
10629 Providing and fixing E.I. in Different Laboratory / Offices in Academic area at IIT Delhi. 12/11/2018 31/10/2018 View
10637 Name of work-Construction of Solid Waste segregation centre at south end road at IIT Delhi. 12/11/2018 01/11/2018 View
10593 Development of area in front of Block No. II (Mechanical Engineering block side) in IIT Delhi 09/11/2018 24/10/2018 View
10521 High-performance real-time data acquisition system 08/11/2018 18/10/2018 View
10534 Carbon fiber-polymer 3D printer 08/11/2018 18/10/2018 View
10594 Procurement of 6 Nos. Self-contained Breathing Apparatus with Composite Carbon Fiber Cylinder 07/11/2018 24/10/2018 View
10600 Filter Paper for Air sampling Tissue Quartz 06/11/2018 25/10/2018 View
10559 Single Board Computer and DC power supply in PC/104 Form Factor 06/11/2018 22/10/2018 View
10567 Appointment of Architect Consultant for Approval Regularization of Various Buildings Constructed without Municipal Sanction and obtaining required statutory approval of Institutes Campus at Hauz Khas, New Delhi 06/11/2018 23/10/2018 View
10621 To provide Medical Officers and Paramedics on contract basis for day and night duty to IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016. 06/11/2018 30/10/2018 View
10631 A R and M O E I fans in hostel area ic street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub Head Providing E I and fans in Railway reservation counter in west campus 05/11/2018 01/11/2018 View
10562 Impedance Analyzer 05/11/2018 22/10/2018 View
10586 Replacement of existing street light cable near Adchini gate and kailash Hostel and laying of cable for Director Lodge from Himadri Hostel DG Set in East Campus residential area at IIT Delhi. 05/11/2018 24/10/2018 View
10633 Name of work : - A.R. & M.O. Building in Boys Hostel Maintenance Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head :- Providing and fixing fly proof stainless steel grade 304 wire gauge to aluminium windows shutter in Zanskar Hostel at IIT Delhi 05/11/2018 01/11/2018 View
10480 Creep Testing machine 02/11/2018 12/10/2018 View
10472 Accessories of shock tube for sample preparation 01/11/2018 11/10/2018 View