PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
MANOJ DEVKINANDAN SAROJ GUPTA Department of Computer Science & Engineering Matching in Dynamic Graphs 12/12/2014
APURBA MANDAL Department of Mechanical Engineering Dynamic Mechanical Modeling for Characterization of Carbon Nanotube/Polypropylene Nanocomposites 10/12/2014
VIVEK KUMAR PATEL Department of Applied Mechanics Studies on the Flow Characteristics of Heated Coaxial and Multicoaxial Jets 10/12/2014
RAJNI SAGGU Department of Civil Engineering Numerical Analysis of Geothermal Energy Piles in Sand 05/12/2014
ALOK MISHRA Department of Mathematics On The Normal Bases Over Finite Fields 05/12/2014
MONAMI SINHA Humanities & Social Sciences Essays on Other-Regarding Preferences 05/12/2014
PIYUSH GUPTA ITMMEC Structural-cum-experimental methodology for rotating machinery by and for maintenance 05/12/2014
MS.DHARA DEVANG THAKORE Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Mass Propagation of Hairy root culture of Catharanthus roseus in a bioreactor 27/11/2014
PRIYANKA DHINGRA Department of Chemistry Development of A Homology/Ab Initio Hybrid Methodology for Sampling Near-Native Protein Conformations 26/11/2014
UDIT SONI Department of Chemistry Modification of optical and structural properties of colloidal semiconductor nanostructures via surface treatment and hetero-structuring 24/11/2014
RABIJIT DUTTA Department of Applied Mechanics Computational investigation of turbulent slot jet impingement heat transfer using les and rans modelling 21/11/2014
RASHI GUPTA Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Effects of bioinoculants on Cajanus cajan and its rhizospheric microbial community 21/11/2014
PRAKASH CHANDRA MONDAL Humanities & Social Sciences Intensional Emotive Constructions, Linguistic Meaning and Cognitive Structures of Emotive Expressions 21/11/2014
VINAY DAHIYA School of Biological Sciences Investigation of Multi-Domain Protein Folding: Identification of Refolding Intermediates and Chaperone Groel/Groes Assisted Folding of Escherichia Coli Malate Synthase G 17/11/2014
DAL SINGH KHARAT Department of Chemical Engineering Removal of Reactive Dye from Effluent using Sugarcane Bagasse as Low-Cost Adsorbent 14/11/2014
RAHUL MISRA Department of Chemical Engineering Controlled Release of Chemotherapeutic Drugs through Chromonic Nanoparticles 07/11/2014
NEETESH KUMAR Centre for Energy Studies Design and fabrication of organic solar cells using organic-inorganic semiconductor hybrid absorber 29/10/2014
SUDHIR KUMAR MITTAL Department of Management Studies Strategic Framework for Enhancing National Technological Competitiveness: Focus on Indian Telecom Sector 27/10/2014
M.RAJESH Department of Electrical Engineering Power Quality Improvements at AC Mains in Switched Reluctance Motor Drives 20/10/2014
NEETU YADAV Department of Management Studies Strategic Framework for Performance Measurement and Management: A Study of Select Industries 20/10/2014