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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
7755 Outsourcing of Staff in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 01/03/2017 15/02/2017 View
7788 Name of Work..AR and MO. Central AC Plants, package unit, constant temp, cold rooms, refrigerator, water coolers, desert coolers etc at IIT Delhi. SubHead..Providing and Fixing of UPVC pipe line for RO water, electric connections and RO at all boys Host 01/03/2017 22/02/2017 View
7799 AR and MO E.I. and fans in academic area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. SubHead..Installation, Testing, Commissioning of die-cast aluminium Eysee pole 3mtr. Pole near old cycle stand in academic area. 28/02/2017 27/02/2017 View
7737 Sub-Head 1- Providing and Fixing Granite stone flooring in corridor opposite JEE office (Block no.-I). Sub Head 2- (As per tender NIT) Sub Head 3- (As per tender NIT) Sub Head 4- (As per tender NIT) Sub Head 5- (As per tender NIT) 28/02/2017 10/02/2017 View
7749 Call for Quotations from Market Research Agencies to collect primary data from all over India for Descriptive Statistics and Inference Generation 28/02/2017 14/02/2017 View
7752 Microfiltration Ultrafiltration (MF UF) Unit 28/02/2017 14/02/2017 View
7774 Shifting, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of window and SPLIT Type Air-Conditioners of Various Deppt./Centers in IIT Delhi. 28/02/2017 17/02/2017 View
7741 Low temperature (Chiller) unit for rotavapour 27/02/2017 13/02/2017 View
7764 Granite assembly (As per drawing) 27/02/2017 16/02/2017 View
7766 Quiet Air Compressor 12 bar 27/02/2017 16/02/2017 View
7700 Energy Meter for Excimer Laser 27/02/2017 03/02/2017 View
7702 Silicon Wafers 27/02/2017 03/02/2017 View
7707 DC Power Analyzer 27/02/2017 06/02/2017 View
7710 6 Axis force and torque Dynamometer with Multichannel amplifier 27/02/2017 06/02/2017 View
7736 Providing Digital Earthing for Zwick impact testing machine in IV-136 of applied mechanics Deptt 27/02/2017 10/02/2017 View
7762 Job Work for Up-keeping and regular manual cleaning of Nallah (East and West Campus) at IIT Delhi. 27/02/2017 16/02/2017 View
7633 DSP Controller Board (5 nos.) 24/02/2017 25/01/2017 View
7754 High power co-axial isolator 23/02/2017 15/02/2017 View
7693 IPCE Measurement Setup 23/02/2017 02/02/2017 View
7626 CNC 3 AXIS SURFACE AND PROFILE GRINDER 23/02/2017 24/01/2017 View
7691 Vacuum System for Pulsed Laser Deposition 23/02/2017 02/02/2017 View
7718 DC Programmable Power Supply 23/02/2017 08/02/2017 View
7731 NIQ for Rate Contract for supply of Stationery items. 23/02/2017 09/02/2017 View
7732 NIQ for Rate Contract for supply of Pre Printed Stationery items. 23/02/2017 09/02/2017 View
7734 Requirement of Material for Central civil Store at IIT Delhi. (C.P. Fittings) 23/02/2017 10/02/2017 View
7735 HT Joint KIT, End Termination KIT, HT Insulation Tape, M-Seal and LED Tube 23/02/2017 10/02/2017 View
7756 Rotary Non-Contact Type Torque Sensor with rotational speed measurement 23/02/2017 15/02/2017 View
7772 corrigendum A/R & M/O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head:- Repair of Sensors in Toilets in Central Library (Ist & IInd floor), MS-112, AD-227 & Central Workshop in Academic Area at IIT Delhi 22/02/2017 17/02/2017 View
7652 Name of work - AR and MO Building in Residential Area of West Campus at IIT Delhi during the 2017-18 Sub-Head - White washing and Painting in Residences of West Campus, IIT Hospital, SAC, OAT, FGH and Vishwakarma Bhawan at IIT Delhi 22/02/2017 27/01/2017 View