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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
7209 Parylene growth system 25/11/2016 04/11/2016 View
7211 Purchase of optical and optomechanical components for existing femtosecond lasers. 25/11/2016 04/11/2016 View
7212 Programmable spin coater system 25/11/2016 04/11/2016 View
7257 Name of work...AR AND MO Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head..Making of small shed for CBME deptt. (II/98) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 25/11/2016 11/11/2016 View
7201 CO2 INCUBATOR/SHAKER 24/11/2016 03/11/2016 View
7151 Universal Testing Machine 23/11/2016 24/10/2016 View
7242 Storage-cum-data analysis server 23/11/2016 09/11/2016 View
7166 Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine 23/11/2016 27/10/2016 View
7194 Concrete Surface Resistivity Meter 23/11/2016 02/11/2016 View
7259 CORRIGENDUM..Name of work: -Rehabilitation of Room No-420 to 426 in Block No., V (Fire affected area) in academic area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head: Removal of Damaged RCC Surface / Cover of RCC Slab, Beam and Column. 23/11/2016 15/11/2016 View
7190 15CC Electron Beam Gun Liners (Crucibles) and Quartz Monitor Crystals and thermal evaporator boats 22/11/2016 01/11/2016 View
7252 Name of work:- A/R & M.O building in Residential area (East Campus) during the year 2016-17 at IIT Delhi. Sub Head:-Plastering , Pointing & Exterior painting on external wall of III-A Type Houses in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 22/11/2016 10/11/2016 View
7250 Name of work..A.R and M.O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head..Repair and Maintenance work in Floor of IV.LT.3 for making new Design Innovation Center in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 21/11/2016 10/11/2016 View
7274 N/W :- A.R. & M.O. Sub -Station at IIT Delhi. SH:- Oil filtration and dehydration of transformers in Zanskar Hostel, Synergy Building and Himadri Hostel Sub-Stations. 21/11/2016 18/11/2016 View
7213 Laptop 21/11/2016 04/11/2016 View
7221 Purchase of Polycarbonate Cabin Luggage 21/11/2016 07/11/2016 View
7179 Corona poling unit along with pin holder assembly and provision for stretching mechanism 18/11/2016 28/10/2016 View
7182 Turbo Molecular with Rotary vacuum pumps and Vacuum Gauges 18/11/2016 28/10/2016 View
7260 N/W :- A.R. & M.O. Sub -Station at IIT Delhi. SH:- S/M straight through/end termination joints for permanent connection of 11KV, HT cables in Main, Bharti and 6RMU Himadri Sub-Stations. 18/11/2016 15/11/2016 View
7254 All Quartz Double Water Distillation Unit 17/11/2016 11/11/2016 View
7165 Haptics Device 17/11/2016 27/10/2016 View
7170 Electrolytically Regenerated Suppressor (2mm), Chemically Regenerated Suppressor and Ion-Exclusion Column for the analysis of aliphatic organic acids and alcohols 17/11/2016 27/10/2016 View
7169 Two Channel Acoustic Emission Measurement System with display unit, resonant and broad band sensors and preamplifiers. 17/11/2016 27/10/2016 View
7247 CORRIGENDUM..Name of Work.. Modification of toilet in room no. 111 in faculty guest house for Divyang People at IIT Delhi. Sub Head..Civil Work 17/11/2016 10/11/2016 View
7249 CORRIGENDUM.Name of Work..Rehabilitation and Renovation work in Houses Type IV.C (2 Nos. Houses) in East Campus Hauz Khas at IIT Delhi. Sub Head.. Civil Work 17/11/2016 10/11/2016 View
7175 Benchtop Multi Ion Meter and Ion Selective Electrodes 16/11/2016 28/10/2016 View
7195 CORRIGENDUM..Benchtop Multi Ion Meter and Ion Selective Electrodes (NIT.7175) 16/11/2016 02/11/2016 View
7215 NIQ for Wireless Broadband Internet Link 16/11/2016 04/11/2016 View